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What is the cleaning effect of the drinking water based on?

The human body consists of cells containing cell sap. Depending on circumstances, our bodies also contain different amounts of viruses and bacteria, good and bad. The harmful bacteria produce reproductive cells, which in turn create problems. So we need a substance that supports the internal balance of the cells. By drinking Super Ayterion water, the harmful bacteria and other microbes encapsulate, their link to cells is broken and they are disengaged from the cells within seconds and withdraw from the body with lymph. After that, the natural antidotes go into effect and the blood balance is restored.

The oxygen content of blood increases by even 60 per cent and the water in the blood becomes crystal clear. In addition, the fat accumulated in blood vessels and other channels changes into harmless oil, which means that the cholesterol level is diminished. The oil, in turn, changes into nutrients and protein, which immediately produces more energy. Briefly, Ayterion water cleans all blood vessels in the body.

There are several cases in which people who have lost their senses of sight, hearing or smell for example, have regained the lost senses after the blocked channels have been reopened. We all have blockages, but the water removes them. 

In arthritis too, certain channels have been blocked preventing blood from circulating freely in those areas. Ionized water helps in these cases too, and restores the free circulation so that the defense mechanisms of the body start working again restoring the healthy state of the body. In diabetes, Super-Ayterion water removes the blockages that prevent the normal action of the pancreas. I've seen many such cases. Kidney stones are dissolved without pain and leave the body. The process starts in approximately two weeks' time after the patient has started to drink Ayterion water. Excellent results have been reached with cancer cases as well.

Skin creams made with Ayterion water penetrate through different skin layers. If, for example, you have scars from operations, the effective ingredients of the ointment penetrate deep, all the way to the marrow. Normally the ointments stay on the surface of the skin, but "water" cures, for example, inflammations deeper, layer by layer, without wound inflammations. The production of new cells is intensified reducing scar tissue and preventing new scars from being formed.

What about AIDS?

There are all kinds of medicines and many kinds of diseases we know. For me the diseases are not different, they are all the same thing. When you clean your blood you have no diseases. And this applies to everything.

Is Ayterion water effective in treating the heavy metals in the body?

Heavy metals are dangerous. If they can be found in the bodily areas where the organism is in the state of disease they can cause a lot of additional problems. I'm not saying that we shouldn't get rid of them, but there are heavy metals everywhere. However, they have no effect on us if we are healthy. Activated into a dangerous state, they can be 200 times as harmful. Super-Ayterion water capsules these toxins and makes them ineffectual so that they can no longer damage the cells. Even if the heavy metals remain in the organism for some time they will no longer be dangerous. In one of our tests, for example, the reading of heavy metal content dropped from 5,2 to 0,2! 

There are lots of medicines that have been developed to remove pain, for instance. And that's exactly what they do, but the body suffers anyway, pain or no pain. Some of the pain killers, however, contain impure substances. Chemical medicines can also kill all the bacteria, both the good and the bad. Radiotherapy too, can be problematic. Although I respect this kind of treatment I consider it another method. As is the case with chemical and medical treatments, chemotherapeutic treatment too, inflicts new sufferings on the body. But when we destroy viruses and produce useful proteins from fats with water, we do not stress the body in any way. I believe it is a good solution with no harmful side effects.

Generally speaking, herbal treatments are also beneficial. More and more people rely on herbs, which is a good thing. In countries where there are no dangerous gases or pollutants, herbs often suffice, but they are not enough, if there are dangerous industrial and household wastes or hormonal remnants and the like in the environment. Herbs are more sensitive than the human body and may only account for one fifth of the treatment. They are not able to split hydrocarbon into nutrients, and that is why we need Super-Ayterion water to clean the blood.

That is the difference between herbs and Super-Ayterion water. It is a good thing that people use herbs, but they are not enough if one lives, for example, in Istanbul, New York or some other heavily polluted area.

In Istanbul people have to go as far as 70 or 80 kilometres from the city to be able to breathe fresh air. The same thing happens more and more often all over the world. In 1857 when oil was introduced as a fuel, it was used only in America and Europe. Nowadays it is used everywhere - 6,000,000,000 people use it! How much pollution it will cause, nobody knows. We will soon be suffocated by it. When there is not enough oxygen in the air we can still breathe but will gradually be suffocated because of the lack of this substance which is of vital importance for our bodily functions. We are indeed going in that direction.

I have heard that they are spreading some new substance from the aeroplanes to clean the air in New York

We have developed that method and done a lot of research on it. When, for example, the city is covered by an air pack and when we spread out our "formula" on top of it, it decomposes the hydrocarbons into free gases that drop down to earth like snow flakes. This former pollutant can then be used as a fertilizer.

Do any of the governments cooperate with you in this matter?

Not yet, and I don't believe that this should be the first measure to undertake. Naturally, it would be nice if Perfect Science could have an immediate effect on everything, but I still believe that the first thing to do is to clean the waters. I really believe that when we have first cleaned the waters on our planet the water will then clean our environment. By using cleansers and detergents made from Super-Ayterion water more and more extensively, the water will be cleaned through the same channels through which it was polluted in the first place.

Education is Needed

I can only advise people all over the world and tell them to be active in their own sectors. When we cling to the basic principles, we will increase the understanding both of technology and of our minds. We try to help the others to see the right way.

I have informed many governments, telling them about the existing possibilities and the available applications. But it often happens that even if they see the applications they expect me to introduce them to a university. Americans hope that I will establish a Perfect Science school in the US, and even in Europe I have met many professors who are waiting for me to start a school.

It is true that we have to go to school again and learn new things.

The adults are not worried but the new generation is. They feel that they have hardly any hope left. When looking at a river, for example, you can say to your child, "Look at that river. I used to swim in it." The child wonders why he can't do the same thing any more. You could also tell your child, "I used to be able to drink this water" but now you have to tell him not to put his foot in it.

We cannot wait for ten years and see these children grow up, because that will be far too late.

The bulk of research work is now done and we have also proved that what we claimed is true. But I am not a businessman. One has to be either a businessman or a scientist, or either a scientist or just a teacher. In any case I'm happy that we have the applications to clean the water** and the earth**, and human blood too, of course. We also know how to put out difficult fires.

You also work with plants. Can you make plants grow better in cold surroundings, for example?

The water formulas for plants contain a quality that prevents plants from freezing. Our factory is located in a region that may have snow at winter time. When scientists from all over the world came to visit the factory they were wondering how it was possible that there was grass growing near the factory. Thanks to our water, which protects the plant inside as well as outside, this miracle was possible. After the snow has melted, the plants may push up at double speed. As a matter of fact, we have been able to prove that we can have four harvests in Turkey, one in each season. And when we eat that crop or their seeds, for example, our ability to tolerate cold also increases. That is true. The scientists also admired the sunflowers, which I had cultivated with the help of water and without using any hormones at all. 

How often should the water be used to gain protection against cold?

It is needed only once during the season of growth. The water affects the molecule structure of the plant. Scientists consider this completely incredible.

We could lengthen the season of growth in the Nordic countries.

Indeed, we could, in Finland and Russia, for instance. Some Russian scientists visited me in Turkey because they had several problems concerning oil refining and radioactivity, for example. They also told me about the problems they had in Uzbekistan. Lake Aral is situated in that region. There used to be a river, but now it is a salty desert.  I then started to treat the soil with Perfect Science products. Some of the land was completely useless. It was winter and there was snow on the ground when I visited the place. We started with 1,000 square kilometres, and as it turned out, we could make the grass grow again. The Russians were really amazed. However, an earth quake in Turkey interrupted the project, because our manufacturing plant was damaged and we could no longer produce Super Ayterion water. We had no insurance on the manufacturing plant, and I had no support from anyone. We were left to our own devices. In spite of all this, I tried to help them and the Turkish government. The earth quake started large fires in Turkish oil refineries. I had immediately three helicopters at my disposal and we put out the burning refineries with the products that were stored in our damaged plant.  I lost four engineers, excellent colleagues of mine, in the earth quake. There was a lot of sorrow, but afterwards I began to think of how to move on. I had to start everything from the beginning again. There was no factory, nothing.

In Finland the winter is long and it is the general practice to salt the freezing roads. This has been going on for quite a long time now, and the salt is absorbed into groundwater, which has spoiled some of the drinking water. The government has compensated for the damages by drilling new wells in place of the spoilt ones. 

Would Perfect Science™ be a solution to this problem?

We have products that penetrate hundreds of meters deep into the ground encapsulating the salts and protecting the water.

Is there a liquid that could be used instead of the road salt?

We have an Anti-ice product. If they used this product they wouldn't have the problem. I can't force people, but we can clean their water and give them the product to prevent freezing. It is up to them. Countries, however, have their official agreements for importing these salts, so the problem is not quite that simple. Governments have their own ways of action, offers are taken from different competing manufacturers etc, but since Perfect Science has no competitors, this becomes a problem. They should make a precedent decision stating that they will not use road salts any more but will start using safer substances. We are, however, the only company in this field so far, and that is the reason why it is difficult for them to reconcile our principles with their ways of action. It is our problem as well, we cannot compete with any one. The system should be changed. I repeat once more that we can most certainly clean the polluted groundwater as well as the water in the wells, in which case new wells would be unnecessary. Furthermore, we can give them the necessary product to prevent freezing. The problems can be solved, if there is willingness to do it.

Governments Control Our Problems, Too

Governments control the citizens' problems too. There are a few practices that should be changed. The United Nations is trying to produce some new rules in 2000. These rules would recommend the governments not to use certain products. Consequently, the governments should cancel the deal of many damaging products. They should not allow the production, import and export of toxic products. But introducing new ways of action is never easy.

We cannot force. We can only hope that people would understand new things and new technologies and start testing them or using them, if not hundred per cent, the maybe fifty per cent. The other fifty per cent would still be old technology. They have nothing to lose.  The government organs have two offices, one for the protectors and the other for the salters. These offices then dispute with each other but the result is zero. When we offer them a new alternative they say they have to draw up new rules because our product is water. Then they arrange some tests and demonstrations and tell us they have to find the right way to proceed. And this is where everything stops. Nobody has the courage to sign anything. There are so many fears.

I have spoken with many government representatives and offered them solutions to different kinds of problems. And this is what is happening in several places. What I try to do is to open the way for new understanding, new mentality and new scientific approaches. They have nothing to lose, they experiment, and when they see the result, they are convinced.

It is much more difficult to make people act in a preventive way than to make them just act. When the situation reaches the urgent crisis point, there is no more time to wait.

That's right. In a crisis I am called immediately. Then they say, "OK, thank you very much." After that they start proceeding towards another crisis. This is very sad. It is true that they ask me how much money I want, and of course, they are willing to pay for the help. I assure them that I am not doing this for money. Invest in the new technology and start your own production! They agree but don't still understand. Soon everything is just as it used to be and the new technology is forgotten. But when the situation becomes urgent again, they call me. I ask them whether they already have the new system that we had suggested before. Do they already have the agreements? Some governments have made improvements but generally the answer is, "We'll pay you this time, and then we'll start the system." "I don't want money", I say, "but you need a new system. This technology has not been developed only for crises, the next one may be really serious. It might happen that you won't be able to find me next time, I may not be available each time, but if you manufacture your own products, you will be ready at any moment."

How many governments have you cooperated with?

We are collaborating with many governments at the moment, for different reasons. Some have water problems, others large fires; some have soil problems, others difficulties with radioactivity. Each government has its own problems, but most of the requests have to do with urgent "face to face" situations. 

What about the UN?

To my great sorrow, I have to say that the UN is a beautiful organization but they do hardly anything. They just can't, which is very sad. I visit the UN from time to time. They draw up resolutions, and hope and wait. My objective is to act through governments so that they would be able to spread the information to their own citizens. The governments are, however, bound by many principles, which control millions, hundreds of millions of people. When they exclude certain matters, these matters really remain out of the reach of millions of people. What is closed is closed.

Business life causes a lot of pollution, which the governments are often responsible for. If someone could make the business world see how to save plain money or to collect savings instead of expenses, that would arouse the interest of many quarters. If, for example, the president of the republic resorted to his authority and said, "... it saves both money and us from many future problems...", that would certainly interest the decision makers in business life.

This is a very important factor. Using the technology developed by Perfect Science saves enormous sums of money. Some are not able to use their polluted water, and others the land they own. Perfect Science technology, however, is a very good bargain, which can save a lot of money. We can save their waters and their land. 

Perfect Science technology could create jobs for millions of people right away. When the soil is restored and improved, there would be fewer famines. If the waters were cleaned, the areas that have long been useless could be re-cultivated.

Many countries are at war with each other. Why? Because of water and land. They are not able to use the dry land and the polluted water. The reasons for wars will be abolished when we show them the green solutions and applications. And we do not only restore the environment but also give them new land, new water, everything new.

During the last year and a half I have had the feeling that we are progressing towards positive solutions. I was not so confident earlier. But now, this year, several governments have been willing to understand many new ideas. There have been questions about nature, which has already started to react worldwide. Nature does not forgive anything, and the governments have every reason to be worried.

Thank you.

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