Perfect Science Press Release

Perfect Science Press Release: Options for Humanity

This document which was prepared as input to the Habitat 2 conference in 1996 explains some of the various Perfect Science Technologies and how they work.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Istanbul, Turkey, January 3, 1996 The following statement is being addressed to Mikhail Gorbachev of the International Green Cross, Dr. Wally N' Dow, Secretary General of The Second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), The World Bank, The World Health Organization, The White House and Ms. Carol Browner, Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

On January 3, 1996 Perfect Science received full approval from the Turkish Standards Institution for implementation of the Perfect Science Environmental Purification Technologies. Perfect Science took emergency action here today to halt to world-wide flood of hydrocarbon pollution by calling for geopolitical adoption and accelerated implementation of a global delivery system for its patented Environmental Cleansing Formulae and Technologies.

The Perfect Science Chairman announced details of what he called a new "direct business" format. He said Perfect Science was prepared to grant each of the world's 216 independent states controlling interest in individual joint ventures and was prepared to accept payment from them in countertrade, with barter levels based on a sliding scale of energy use per capita, in order, he said, "to permit simultaneous adoption and participation by all the world's governments."

The Perfect Science chairman described the Perfect Science Formulae as the master key for unlocking the entire complex of hydrocarbon substances, as well as all the other organic chemicals, that are currently laying siege to and disabling the earth's soil, water and atmosphere. "Having the passkey to organic chemistry means you can clean up all carbonaceous fuels and everything petrochemical from cradle to grave, " he added. "But in addition to neutralizing all the poisonous effects, the Perfect Science Formulae will renovate industrial processes at all levels and in all sectors, permitting continued economic expansion without environmental debacle." "The sudden and thoroughgoing revision of all organic chemistry," he continued, "will require similar revision of the industrial, financial and insurance matrices within each sovereign state. Moreover it is the responsibility, and it will become the duty, of each government to take effective measures locally for rescuing its people and region. This task will naturally include the proper co-ordination and regulation of the Perfect Science Formulae."

The Perfect Science chairman stated further that the projected rescue of the planetary environment by the emergency implementation of the Perfect Science Formulae will simultaneously produce at least six other major stabilizations:

· of energy supply and demand

· of insurance markets

· of unfunded liabilities

· of soft currencies

· of international relations

· of national debts and revenues

Mikhail Gorbachev's speech delivered at the Fourth International Global Forum conference in Kyoto, Japan delineated the grave implications of a breakdown in the stability of the biosphere and the potential planetary catastrophe that might ensue. Mr. Gorbachev called for all nations and each individual to bring to bear all their efforts for the cause of human survival.

It is now a well known fact that the severe disruption of global ecosystems is the direct result of 140 years of irresponsible industrialization resulting in the extensive contamination by hydrocarbons and petrochemicals of sovereign atmospheres, lands, surface waters and critical drinking water supplies.It is no understatement to say that these deadly industrial wastes have brought ecosystems around the world to the precarious state of potential collapse. As more and more third world countries enter into industrialization for the benefit of their economies, the added pressure of their industrial wastes, improperly dealt with, will most certainly result in the drastic destabilization of planetary ecosystems.

Mr. Gorbachev clearly stated in his address that the foundations of human existence could be undermined, threatening life on earth. Although these issues of industrial and economic development are complex and are interwoven with cultural and social trends internationally, three major challenges can be identified for discussion.

The first major challenge is the intensive remediation of global environments which have become supersaturated with toxic hydrocarbon and petrochemical wastes. This task will require the development of environmental purification technologies which must be applicable for wide scale, cost effective implementation.

The second major challenge is the complete restructuring of industrial toxic waste stream management which to date is based upon the premise of irresponsible disposal and dumping of toxic wastes into the global environments. This task will require the development of broad based cost effective neutralization technologies which will eliminate the continuation of industrial toxic waste stream disposal into the environment.

The third major challenge is the renovation of The Liquid Fuel Cycle which has been supplying global industry and commerce with fuels that cause massive and aggravated pollution of global atmospheres due to incomplete combustion. This task will require the development of technologies for the construction of new clean burning hydrocarbon eco-fuels, that will permit, through complete combustion, continued use of the vast stockpiles of hydrocarbons available for industry and commerce without the backlash of environmental degradation.

It is the great pleasure of Perfect Science, at this time, to announce that Perfect Science has finalized historic research and development in the above mentioned fields of environmental remediation, industrial toxic waste stream neutralization, and clean burning hydrocarbon eco-fuels. Perfect Science engineers have developed methodologies for the in situ destruction of toxic hydrocarbon and petrochemical wastes.These methodologies can be applied for macro-purification of polluted atmospheres, toxic soils, contaminated surface waters, poisoned drinking water supplies and urban sewage streams. The Perfect Science in situ Purification Technologies render all hydrocarbon and petrochemical pollutants into bio-nutrients.

Toxic surface waters have been completely purified and restored for aquatic life.

Toxic soils have been completely purified and restored for agricultural production.

Toxic drinking water supplies have been completely purified and restored for human consumption. Through aerial application, polluted atmospheres have been completely cleansed.

With regard to neutralization of industrial toxic waste streams Perfect Science has finalized research and development for technologies that thoroughly cleanse industrial waste streams by settling out all heavy metals and at the same time completely destroy in situ toxic chemicals, thereby rendering all industrial effluents suitable for disposal into the environment.Perfect Science has developed for industry advanced fire suppression and fire fighting technologies which make possible, for the first time in industrial history, the collapse of toxic explosive vapor domes prevalent wherever industrial chemicals are stored and utilized.

The Perfect Science Technologies, by successfully collapsing volatile vapor domes of explosive chemicals, can effectively eliminate the threat of aggravated industrial disasters resulting from the use and storage of explosive chemicals.

Thirdly, the renovation of the Liquid Fuel Cycle is a clear priority for mankind at this juncture in human history during which time all industry and commerce worldwide are dependent on a variety of hydrocarbon fuels for their diverse requirements. The simple tragedy of these hydrocarbon fuels is their inability to experience complete combustion during their use. Whether these hydrocarbons are in the form of heavy crudes, coal slurries or diesel fuels the inability for these fuels to completely combust on a molecular level renders vast devastation of global atmospheres. Perfect Science has finalized research and development for the construction of revolutionary clean burning hydrocarbon eco-fuels.Quite simply, The Perfect Science Technologies permit complete and total combustion of all liquid hydrocarbon fuels. The Perfect Science Technologies also purify these hydrocarbon fuels of unwanted sulphur and other minerals. As can be easily surmised regarding the above developments, this process of complete combustion will render a vastly increased yield where each molecule of hydrocarbon fuel will now be utilized during the combustion process.

In truth, Perfect Science has laid the foundation for a new global reality of petrochemistry where the science of hydrocarbons merges with the science of water. From time immemorial water has served as the primary medium for the innumerable complex chemical reactions needed to sustain all life. Within this aqueous medium, at ambient temperatures, chemical reactions are constantly supporting the simplest of micro-organisms to the most complex of species, Man himself. Most certainly, without the complex chemistry of water, all planetary life would cease to exist. Truly, then, the science of water is the chemistry for life.

In the view of history the science of water and the science of hydrocarbons have been at odds. The science of hydrocarbons, with its man-made complex chemical reactions, has supplied much bounty to mankind. However, within aqueous mediums at ambient temperatures, hydrocarbon chemical reactions have been impossible. All that has now been changed forever.

Today, I bring to you a new science of petrochemistry where the complex science of water and the complex science of hydrocarbons are joined as one. Here, within this new petrochemistry, unlimited chemical reactions, heretofore impossible, are now manifested easily, perfectly. Here, within this new petrochemistry, the true science of hydrocarbons will blossom forth and the blessings of Our Creator will be multiplied a thousandfold. Perfect Science is therefore pleased to announce that it has finalized research and development pertaining to historic scientific advancements in the field of petrochemistry.

Perfect Science has developed Formulae, in the form of aqueous based phase transfer catalysts, which have the remarkable capability of reducing or increasing the molecular weight of hydrocarbons in aqueous mediums at ambient temperatures.This remarkable scientific accomplishment is made possible because The Perfect Science Phase Transfer Catalysts disrupt the hydrogen bonding attractive forces of water molecules. This disruption drastically collapses the interfacial tension of water molecules and transforms water in the True Universal Solvent. This new Universal Solvent now has the capacity, for the first time in history, to disrupt the inter-molecular attractive forces binding hydrocarbon molecules (van der Waals force) at ambient temperatures. As a result of this phenomenal action initiated by the Perfect Science Catalysts, the hydrocarbon molecules are place into micro-fine colloidal dispersions. The hydrocarbons are completely dissolved within this new Universal solvent. Aqueous solutions are now created with hydrocarbons in which new and vastly accelerated chemical reactions can take place. Science has determined that the rates of the fastest chemical reactions in aqueous mediums are determined simply by the encounter frequency (frequency of collision) of the reactants or solute particles.By placing hydrocarbons into micro-fine colloidal dispersions the Perfect Science Phase Transfer Catalysts initiate an exponential increase in the frequency of collision of the solute particles within the transformed aqueous medium. This exponential increase in the frequency of collision of the solute particles will permit an unlimited number of accelerated chemical reactions whereby unprecedented oxidation reduction reactions (electron transfer) can take place at ambient temperatures.

The historic capacity of the Perfect Science Phase Transfer Catalysts to reduce or increase the molecular weight of hydrocarbons at ambient temperatures will transform the Liquid Fuel Cycle from cradle to grave. Applied to current hydrocarbon related activities the Perfect Science Catalysts will streamline all phases of extraction, transportation, production, processing, distribution and utilization of hydrocarbons. Perfect Science has engineered specific Phase Transfer Catalysts for application throughout the following hydrocarbon Sciences: enhanced oil reservoir stimulation; viscosity reduction for pipeline transmission; desulphurization; cold cracking; low energy refining; new petrochemicals development; new plastics production; fire suppression and spontaneity inhibition; fuel additives for complete combustion; toxic materials clean-up and disposal; oil storage tank maintenance; by-product neutralization; waste water treatment and environmental remediation of polluted waters and polluted soils.

In summary, clean energy, clean industry and a clean environment are the hallmarks of The Perfect Science Technologies. The advent of The Perfect Science Technologies truly satisfies the dual demands of continued worldwide industrial growth and environmentally sustainable development. In brotherhood, let us conjoin our mutual visions of peace, prosperity and ecological responsibility for the benefit of all nations, their peoples, and the planet that sustains us all.

PERFECT SCIENCE ISTANBUL, TURKEY Perfect Science Technologies - Options for Humanity