EAV Protocol for Use with Treatment By Nutritional Formulations

Michael Mickley, PhD, Scientist, Perfect Science A.D.
Joseph Arme, DC, President, Full Circle Technologies International, Inc.

Protocol developed for the treatment of a variety of disease states by nutritional formulations (Ewatersı) and observations from extensive use of the protocol and waters. There are several unique aspects of the situation surrounding both the product and the interrelated protocol and product use. One is the wealth of experience and history of success in the use of this water in several countries over a broad range of patient conditions treated, including various forms of cancer, AIDS, and MS. While, historically, most of this information has been anecdotal in form, it provided the basis for development of the subject protocol now in use with EAV machines. Other unique aspects include the degree of detail of the protocol that has evolved, the consistent treatment patterns that have occurred, and the interpretative theory that has emerged to explain the beneficial role of the waters.

Together these different aspects provide a good example of how energy medicine is evolving as it integrates with science. The purpose of the presentation is to educate the audience and improve their understanding of a segment of energy medicine such that they can identify and describe differences between treatments based on symptoms and those based on energy patterns.

Description of Treatment Product

Full Circle Technologies, Inc. is manufacturing and distributing nutritional formulations developed by Perfect Scienceıs Ayterion Aqua AD Inc. group and marketing them to healthcare professionals and consumers. Their mission is to provide a safe and superior formula, as well as the technology to measure its effects accurately, for detoxification of human tissue. The products (Balance, Breaker, Clear, and Alpha) are designed to promote systemic balance and they contain an increasing level of saponins mixed with spring water. They are formulated as a concentrate and are available in the US only through licensed practitioners who have been certified by Full Circle.

Description of Subjects Treated

Prototypes of the products were tested in several Middle Eastern countries during the early and mid 1990ıs. The products were originally envisioned as treating different symptoms or disease states. Several hundred successful treatments occurred with many different diseases. With few exceptions, these situations were not quantified or documented, although several testimonials exist. In an effort to place the use of the formulas on a more scientific basis, in 1999 the distribution and use of the formulas was tied into the use of an EAV machine called the Aquatron 2000 AD, marketed by Full Circle Technologies. Although data from EAV machines is still questioned by mainstream medicine, this data is providing insight and understanding in the use and effects of these products. Today, more formal clinical studies are being planned and research is ongoing in the US, Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, Germany, and elsewhere. In cases where*e the products are used to treat indigenous populations, the sophistication of the available data is low. At the other extreme, clinical animal studies have been undertaken in Turkey.

Description of Research Methods

The protocols below, all involving the use of the Aquatron 2000 AD EAV machine, are used in the sequence given.

1. Determination and possible correction of the patientıs hypothalamic state to assure that the site-specific readings correspond to intended target organ sites.

2. Determination of the baseline energy balance patterns in the patient

3. Determination of the general environmental cause of the energy imbalance pattern

4. Determination of the particular nutritional formulation and the particular dosage of use

5. Determination of the effectiveness and tolerance of the proposed treatment to avoid unpleasant patient side effects and also to select a formula when it appears that multiple formulas or dosages are appropriate

6. Periodic monitoring of the patientıs response to treatment and of changes indicated in the appropriate dose and particular waterı

Ideally, a patient would be tested every 2 or 3 weeks for a period of up to 3 months. This permits monitoring of the changing energy patterns and changing of the treatment water and dosage as the monitoring indicates. After a period of time the monitoring schedule becomes less frequent and eventually the patient may be put on a maintenance water and dosage.


Using the protocol described, data sets have been collected on over 50 patients covering a range of symptoms and, in some cases, previously diagnosed conditions. From examination of the data and from observations by practitioners, several consistent results may be noted.

• Patients with similar symptoms have different energy patterns.

• Patients with similar symptoms indicate need for different treatment schemes (different waters and different dosages).

• When the EAV machine is used to indicate treatment (water, dosage), treatment results are consistently good; when treatment was given according to symptoms, treatment results were much less consistent.

• Changes in energy patterns (patient response to treatment) are much quicker with the Perfect Science nutritional formulations than with homeopathic medicines.

• The most frequent causative factors affecting the energy patterns are pesticides, heavy metals, and other environmental hydrocarbons

• The causative factors most frequently encountered vary according to geographic location (such as Florida, Texas, and Japan)

Discussion of Results

It is assumed that illnesses develop in definite sequences progressing in the following order:

1. dysfunction at energy and cellular level
2. biochemical abnormalities
3. alterations in tissues and organs
4. recognizable disease

Energy changes first due to some stressor agent, then blood chemistry changes. Ultimately, there are physical changes that produce symptoms. Such bioenergetics changes can occur due to:

1. constitutional/genetic factors
2. toxic load
3. nutritional balance
4. mental/emotional state

The focus of the work presented is on the role of environmental toxins, such as synthetic organic compounds and heavy metals. A premise of the Perfect Science AD organization that developed the technologies is that such toxins have compromised the immune systems of all forms of life, preventing the natural defense system from to effectively warding off viruses, bacteria, and other challenges to the bodyıs health. The effect of toxins may be viewed in terms of the Œbucket syndrome,ı where the bodyıs reservoir for toxins fills up and at a certain level the body becomes sick; when the bucket overflows, the body is very sick. The aim of the use of the treatments involving the EAV machine and the nutritional drinks is to remove toxins from the body.

A general theory of what is happening to the patients is as follows:

1. The waters do not heal; the patientıs immune system does the healing.
2. The appropriate treatment water is indicated by the EAV machine according to the major stressing agent compromising the patientıs immune system.
3. The treatment water affects the various stressor agents and removes them from the body.
4. The waters thus allow the immune system to operate at higher efficiency
5. Changes in treatment water are indicated with time as a given stressor agent is successfully eliminated from the body and the next major stressing agent now controls the patientıs energy pattern.

An appropriate level of more detailed description will be provided as a handout including various case studies showing how energy patterns change with time and increasingly reflect balance in the patients energy system.