Results of Twelve Months' Clinical Research


A Speech and Workshop by Douglas Leber, AP
BioEnergetic Medicine Conference, May 25-27, 2001 Orlando, FL

"Good to see we have a good crowd here again this year. What I’ll be talking about is some preliminary findings of making use of a new type of technology, a new type of product.  It’s a water based formula.  I’ve got some samples of these right here.  It’s a concentrate.   It contains water, a special cluster formation that contains saponins, and we'll discuss this a little more later, but we have been using these products, which work in a similar way to homeopathic detoxifiers, but on a different basis, and we’re having some good results.

"This is what we’ll be covering, introducing, and moving on through.  This type of energized water - let’s take a look, let’s go on and tell a little bit about these - they’re an aquaeous formulation. It’s about 99% water.  It contains a stabilized form of saponins that has certain types of cluster pattern and structure in the water.  There are special types of bonds; there are some extra ions within the water and of course, the basic formula - the base material that is in there. 

"When we analyze the water chemically, we find that it contains saponins, and whatever minerals that were in the base water that went into the base formula.  What saponins do is part of the activity of the formulas.  They are a natural occurring of triterpene glycoside; one of the major sources for those is the Quillaja Sopanaria or Soapbark plant from central South America.  From saponin we get the same root for the word soap.  It comes from that.  These act like a plant based detergent.  They have a surface active property which  forms mycelles, little particles within the water which breaks down the surface tension. One property they have is they can form, by combining with the lipid membranes in cells, they form a hexagonal shaped pore, which accesses like a doorway, right into the cells, and by that rearrangement we have the ability of these formulas to mobilize toxins from where they’re stored in the fatty tissues and encapsulate the toxin, begin to pull it out, so they have some particular properties this way.

"There’s a lot of research going on with saponins.  Some of the companies are looking to try to use that in vaccines because they can deliver the drug to the target site much more effectively than without.  Studies have been going on since the 60’s.  It’s also been found to be a potent immunostimulator.  It can increase antibody levels in the serum up to ten fold.  In certain experiments, the oral administration can enhance both systemic and mucosal immune response. One study shows that it will stimulate the induction of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (CTL) against exogenous proteins.  That’s a role that’s crucial in the body’s fight against intracellular pathogens.  There’s also a cholesterol lowering property; as it binds with the cholesterol so that it is excreted and not reabsorbed. An implication of that is with the biosalts that are in cholesterol will slow their transport time through the gut.  Those can be metabolized by bacteria into carcinogens and cancer; those would bind up and keep those moving out. Also, in the carcinoma cells in culture with certain doses, it will inhibit the growth of cancer.  Those are some various experiments.  Also, it has some anti-parasitic activity, giardia particularly; it can kill one of the effective stages called the trophozoite.   One possibility, in addition to just stimulating immune function, is binding with cholesterol in the cell wall of those parasites, causing the lice to rupture, and thus destroying that parasite.

"These formulas can penetrate to the lipid barriors and get to where toxins are.  They can mobilize those stored toxins.  They seem to accelerate the elimination of the toxins, encapsulate the toxin and transport it out, and given enough time, it will actually break down the toxin as well as enhance the immune system.

"These products that we’ve been using are an outgrowth of some research that goes back into the 80’s.  The original goal was to clean up the pollution on the planet.  There’s a video tape that shows a demonstration that Mr. Ayhan Doyuk of Turkey, who collaborated with his wife, Terry Welch, who’s American, in producing this technology in the environmental area, and if you come to workshop later on we’ll show some of that this afternoon.  That video will also be available at the Computronics exhibit area where we’ll have an opportunity to look at that. 

"With this type of technology we are able to take petroleum - you can take crude oil and mix it water – normally they don’t mix – you add the formula and the two mix together and become one viscosity liquid and after time, it begins to actually break down the hydrocarbons into harmless amino acids and fatty acids - and it becomes a nutrient – fertilizer, fish food – no more toxic petrochemical hydrocarbons.  You add it to gasoline and it won’t burn anymore.  You can put another one of the formulas in, and it has a slow burn, over 45 seconds instead of a second and a half.  It’s a complete, clean burn so that no smoke that comes out of the burning.   It can be used to put out fires.  They used this in the Kuwait Gulf War with all the oil wells on fire.  This technology is what put those out quickly.  It cleans up polluted soil.  There’s a whole range of what was done environmentally. 

"Back in the 90’s, they began to see that we need to deal with the pollution in the body with the same technology.  It’s not exactly the same formulas, but it is using the same Perfect Science technology that can cause these transformations, acting somewhat as a phase transfer catalyst, to make reactions occur faster and at normal temperatures than chemically normally would be possible, through the energetic properties that are present in these formulations.  You are working beyond the typical chemistry we’re used to. 

"Working with this, we found it is very important to do testing to determine which of the formulas to use.   There are several formulas which we’ll review in a moment.  Most of you should be familiar with the electroacupuncture - EAV - electrodermal screening type of testing method which will be covered at length at other lectures here this weekend.  We measure acupuncture measurement points, we determine what weak areas there are, and then we test as would for any other remedy, supplement or homeopathic remedy.  We test the various formulations to see which one is the most appropriate.  One of the things we’ve seen is these formulas have a very broad application; when we find some toxicity, let’s say metal, mercury toxicity, typically using homeopathic complex preparations, I would put someone on a formula and it might go two to three months if we’ve chosen the formulations well to get the job done of gradual detoxifying.  These formulations seem to get to the same point in about two to three weeks instead of the two to three or more months to get the job done. So it compresses time. It accelerates the moving and transporting of toxins out; therefore we have to check in a shorter time because the job’s done.  So as we uncover another layer, another formula will show up typically as the most appropriate or a different dose of the formula.   The testing is very important to establish the right formula, the correct dose, and we put someone on that and then we recheck and we’ll see in very quick time.  It’s very surprising from what I’ve been used to seeing over almost 20 years of working with the complex and other homeopathics. We see this accelerate the process very quickly.  

"The classification of these is as a dietary supplement concentrate.  The way these are used is a concentrate is given to the patient. That is then diluted with natural spring water with either 4 liters (a gallon or so), or 5 liters of some formulas, in a glass mixing bowl or big jug or container.  They put the formula in first, then add the water and stir it with a wooden spoon.  We don’t like to use metal contact with these formulas as that seems to discharge some of the properties of these formulas.  Glass and wood are the best.  Short contact with plastic is okay.  They found by storing the super concentrate of this over time, the plastic began to leak because the formula breaks down hydrocarbons – petrochemicals -  which is what the plastic is made of , and as those break down, then it began to put holes in it and leak on through.  So glass is what we store that in, and in the more dilute form, is not as reactive but if you put it in plastic, you don’t want to it to detox the plastic and use that up before it gets in to work on your body.  So this is a little bit about these formulas.  And also the application with that, the typical dose, would be drinking 4 ounces 4 times a day; some go up to 8 oz. even 10 oz.  With some that are more hypersensitive we go down to smaller doses; some would only tolerate a certain number of drops and then maybe teaspoons and then small amounts.  The different types of patients will vary in terms of how strong but those of those pathological detoxifiers where their phase one of liver detoxing is out pacing the phase two, we can work with those.  A little bit goes a long way.

"Let’s look at the different formulas.  There are five different formulations that are used orally.  The basic formula is called Breaker, and this one uses the Breaker system; it breaks down toxins, it was specifically designed to break down toxins, viruses, chronic viral infection, hepatitis, HIV, herpes or Epstein-Barr, those types of chronic viral conditions.  This is very good at boosting energy, working in an energetic detoxifing way. 

"There is another one, we call the Starter formula - Life’s Essence is another name that is used for that.  This is basically a milder version of the Breaker.  This is one that someone can start on without having been tested with electrodermal screening to determine the right formula and the right dose and safely use it.  But again it is important that one takes in a lot of water as a chaser after that.  The rule of thumb is that if you are taking 4 oz. of the formula, you take 8 oz. of the natural spring water as a chaser.  This will mobilize the toxins, help them get excreted more readily through the kidneys; but it’s important then that there’s a lot of water to dilute the toxins and let those be excreted through the kidneys.  Just like any strong detoxifier, if we don’t provide drainage, we may create aggravation.  So, typically, the Starter won’t bring about aggravation.  We had one person that took large amounts of Starter, and didn’t take any water (although he knew he should have), and it triggered a shingles reaction just because of the accelerated detox.  In most cases, it is very safe for someone to just start with the Starter or Life’s Essence formula.  That brings up energy as well. 

"Then we have Balance which also contains the Breaker System but it is more physical, a balance between the energy and the physical level of detoxifying.  That can work with various types of toxic chemicals. 

"We have two more formulas that are in a different category.  I think of a teeter totter and on the one side we have the energy ones that can boost  energy plus detoxify.  The next formula called Clear is a much stronger physical detoxifier formula and that was originally designed to clear up problems in the brain, in the skull, like post-stroke, Alzheimers and those types of conditions.  We find with testing that it targets heavy metal toxicity very strongly.  The Clear is one of the stronger formulas. 

"We also have Alpha and this one we tend to find targets those cases where we have extremely toxic substances the body’s dealing with, whether it’s carcinogens, certain tissue necrosis byproducts, such as from root canals, jaw austitis, abscesses, the thio-ether mercaptans, biotoxins like aphlatoxin or botulism.  Alpha seems to target those, although it can deal with metals.  The one thing about Alpha is acute viral infections, sore throat, a flu, any kind of recent viral or even bacterial infection - the Alpha in large single doses seems to help take care of that at that level, whereas the Breaker was designed to target viruses but that seems to be more the chronic rather than acute viral infection. 

"So, the last two, when taken, bring the energy down because of the strong physical detoxifying effect.  Typically what’s done is to counteract and maybe give three times a day the Alpha and once a day give something like the Starter or Breaker, which are energizers, in the morning.  So we bring up the energy in the morning and then we do the stronger detox and pull the energy back down with these other two heavy detoxing formulas. 

"We just talked about the internal formulas – five of these formulas.  There are external applications with the same technology as well.  For the full stronger effect of the full program, the best effect is to do it internally and externally.  The internal formulas are produced in America, but from Turkey there is a division there producing all the environmental products, agricultural products, household cleaning products. They figure if only 5% of the people would use the dish washing soap, the window cleaner, the one for the bathroom, the washing machine, and wash your hands and face with those products, and send those down the drain into the sewage system, that would clean up - because they keep acting for 21 days, even concentrations of 1 part per 500,000 - it will clean up polluted water.  So the part of the goal of the company is to get about 5% of the people using those products, flushing them down the toilet and the drain, cleaning up everyone else’s pollution. There is Turkish Spa, a bath concentrate that is put into a bathtub – 1 oz into a couple gallons of spring water, then fill it up with water and soap for 20-30 minutes and let toxicity be pulled out through the skin.  Now any of the oral formulas can also be put into a spray bottle and sprayed on the body before you take a shower.  They can be sprayed into the eyes, through the ears, through the nose to get penetration.  They get very good results with animals with some of those.  They put horses in big tanks where they’ve got the formula; they spray it on injured areas.  Race horses that would have been killed otherwise because of severe illness are back healthy and running and jumping again.  There are soaps that contain the formula just for washing; aloe vera gels – several different formulations – for different topical applications plus the moisturizing skin cream and other creams that draw out toxicity and put over areas where there are tumors or other areas that need to have toxicity mobilized.  There’s a whole range of what the Perfect Science technology does and you can go take a look later on here at some of those products out in the display area.

"I began late April, one year ago, and we have 12 months or so of a number of cases with applying these.   As I began working with it, I have a number of patients that I’ve been working with for some time.  They are pretty stable, on certain products already.  We just added the water formulas to see what difference that would make to their ongoing program.
"There were some new patients that came in.  I put them on the typical program, but we added the water to that, so it’s not just purely with the water.   There were some cases where they were just using the water formulations and to see what happens in that case.  What I have here is not a complete controlled type of study, but these are some preliminary findings just from scanning on through, pulling out these tests, looking and getting some basic numbers to get the findings.  We did quite a bit of travel; we were in Europe, Italy and Germany, Sweden and Japan, Finland, working and checking people in those areas, as well as a number of different states; of course, people coming from all over the country, also Mexico.  We have a broad area of exposure of people we’ve tested.   In some cases, we just had one test; that was one time I saw the person.  Others were part of a whole series.

"So some of what we’ll take a look at are the toxins that the formulas tested out as the most appropriate for when those are present.  To get some indication, we will also present a few cases where we had people on the formula; we’ll see what the difference is with electrodermal testing and with symptom changes.  Part of the program, as we began to develop that, is using the formulations for detoxifying and they seem to have a very broad effect with whatever the toxin is - one of these formulas will address it.  So, in many ways, it simplifies - instead of knowing hundreds of homeopathic remedies or formulas, you have five formulas, and one of those will always address the issue.  Typically, you may need Bach Flower Remedies for emotion as these don’t address it directly; but indirectly they begin to alter the consciousness level of the person taking it, bringing the energy up and often they will be able to resolve and deal with certain emotional issues just as a result of these formulas.

"One of the other products we found that worked very well with this is a source of nutrition at a basic level some homeostatic organically complexed microminerals is that one of our colleages, Dr. Richard Drucker – he’ll be giving a workshop from 6 to 7 this afternoon.   We’ve been using the products, called Nanomin or Intramin products – these are derived from mineral rich humus, the topsoil where the plants have taken the minerals out of the soil and goes back into the vegetation compost.  It keeps recycling; they contain fulvic acid, humic acids, all the carboxil groups and organic compounds  that are present so they get absorbed without any assistance from the digestive system as they pass right on through.  So those formulations now incorporate the Perfect Science technology formulation into those minerals.   We incorporate it with the Grander technology – there’s an exhibit here from Grander, from Austria – that’s a method of altering the structure of water, cluster size and shape, and changing surface tension giving it other special properties and we also began using Grander treatment of the chaser water for many of the patients’ here to improve the condition of the water they drink as a chaser after they take the formula.  There will be another one of the workshops – we’ll let you know about Grander – there’s an exhibit here if you want to look more into the Grander technology from Austria.  We find that very helpful as well.  

"So, some were working with a program that was with the water, some with the water added minerals, some of the cases we added homeopathic formulas as well.  As we did the analysis, we didn’t get to all of those – we had about 453 cases over the last few we looked at but there probably was almost twice as many tests that were done but we didn’t have time to pull all the cases.  So we have representative cases for each of the different formulas. 

"We move down.  Let’s take a look. We’ll go take a look at these different parameters here.  One of the things we looked at was the type of toxin and the particular type of water formulation that was tested out as being the most appropriate one.  Here are the 12 different broad categories we looked at as different toxins that we found during the electrodermal screening, finding key areas of stressed organs; identifying allergens; bacteria; cancer situations; toxic chemicals; electrical stress which can be flowing between dissimilar metals in the body - so we may have a gold crown, amalgam filling, a nickel bridge somewhere else - so electrical currents can exist in the body’ fungal toxins; geopathic stress, which is altered electromagnet fields from things like underground water streams that magnetic field directly above, that’s where the bed is, things like fault lines or the global grid, paths that can affect the body. 

"We found Alpha was typically able to reverse the effect of the altered extracellular tissue structure induced by the geopathic influence, in about 6-8 days taking Alpha, so that was helpful in that case.

"Toxic heavy metals, parasites, radiation, stress, vaccine toxins, and various viruses.  So this is just taking a look.  If we looked at all this particular patient population, 35% of the time heavy metals was one of the major toxins in the patients here, and bacteria showed up 21% of the time, viruses 13%, parasites 12%, fungus, fungal toxins, 8%, chemicals 4% and the rest were down here with a smaller percentage.   We actually have more cancer cases with that although in our search which this was based on, they weren’t all identified specifically here.

"Let’s go down here to the next one.  Let’s take a look here.  Metals, which was the most common toxin that I was encountering, and there were 396 cases that we looked at here of metal showing up, particularly brain fog and impaired concentration – metals were there when we have chronic fatigue syndrome.  Typically, metals are a very heavy factor.  In autoimmune conditions we find metals 100% of the time as a cofactor.  We gave a lecture last year where in autoimmune we find metals, virus and parasites are the key factors, plus electricity and maybe 10% of the time a biotoxin, like botulism, are factors that create an autoimmune condition as well as dental focal areas.  The metals showed up for the number of conditions here, so in 43% of the cases Clear showed up as the formula of choice to deal with metal toxicity; then Alpha 28%; Breaker 12%; Starter showed up 11% of the time – many times that was also combined with the Clear or the Alpha, as a combination; and then the Balance about 5% of the time that showed up when metals were the major issue.  So, Clear clearly appears to be the formula that deals with metals.

"Now, Aphlatoxin - in many of the cancer cases, we find aphlatoxin, some of the autoimmune and a number of the other types of conditions – it’s a fungal toxin that we get from peanuts, peanut products, made by Aspergillus Flavus fungus.  In 80 cases where aphlatoxin showed up, and in 70% also metals were another factor present there, but Alpha showed up 47% of the time, so Alpha outshown the others in dealing with this biotoxin.  Then Clear came in second, Starter, Breaker, then Balance.  

"This is just taking a look at some of the cases there.  This is from April to August, that first section then, September to December, then this year was the last section.  We see Alpha showing up much more.  We didn’t have the Alpha available to work with really until the very end of August of last year, so it won’t show up at all in the first areas.   As we began working with it more, checking things out, we saw the Alpha tending to being the most effective.

"Botulism is another biotoxin.  It’s a very difficult one to deal with.  It stresses the adrenal glands in a very significant way, and again, about 70% of the time it correlated with the metals.  In this case, Clear appeared to be the most frequent best choice to deal with that; with Alpha almost the same, second place; Breaker, Starter, Balance showing less usefulness there.  Here is a breakdown of the different numbers. 

"Viruses, and there were many different viruses, a lot of the cases I’m looking at with autoimmune we find cytomegalovirus is a very frequent one, a chronic viral condition.  Here we found that metals are present at the same time – about 93% of the time, in these cases.  One of the things we’ve seen is certain metals enable viruses to become more virulent.  Typically, in chronic fatigue syndrome, we’ll see there’s Epstein-Barr virus, sometimes cytomegalovirus, herpes or hepatitis viruses can be involved.  The mercury seems to make those viruses much more aggressive - other metals as well.  The lead has some correlation with the flu virus.  So in those cases, Clear showed up in the overall condition.  Here we are looking at viruses and metals and not pulling out a case that said if it’s just a virus which one would not show up.  My impression is that if it’s just a virus without metals, Breaker would tend to show up or Balance more so.   If the metals are there, then Clear is often going to come through. The body wants to get the metal taken care of first before we go after the virus.  So, in this case, we saw that Clear shows up 36% of the time; Alpha 32%; Breaker, 18%.  There’s more analysis we can do to pinpoint those viruses without the metal in those cases to see if the virus was the major issue.  So here are some of the different viruses that we saw in order of frequency with patients I was seeing.  Cytomegalovirus, Cocksackie, Epstein Barr, Human Papilloma Virus, the wart viruses - those have some oncogenic effect for cancer association, flu viruses, ecoviruses - some of the strong type of flu illnesses in the last year or so have the ecovirus involved with it, not the influenza, herpes zoster, then rabies and parvo, some other less frequent types of viruses that we saw.

"Mercury was the most frequently encountered of the heavy metals.  There were 25 cases where we encountered mercury.  Particularly it affects the nervous system, the immune system.  We saw Clear again showed up for mercury as the strong formula – 44% of the time.   Let’s take a look at some case histories where we used that, and we’ll see what the finding was.  We had one case of a 70 year old male with Parkinson’s Disease; he had difficuly with walking, with getting moving, maintaining a normal gait and pace; had a couple of strokes; bladder control is a big problem with him; irregular heartbeats/arrhythmias, tiredness/lethargies; we have nine tests over a period of time that we looked at here – we’ll take a look at those.  On the first test we’re looking at on June 7th of last year, we started out with Balance – the dose tested out at 2 oz. 4 times a day.  We had been working with him some before we started the water.  From the very beginning, he’d had a little improvability in more alertness and incontinence working with homeopathics.  Once we put him on the formula – Balance at this point – we go here just eight days later, and at that point, his walking now was almost normal.  He still has some fatigue, but all the control measurement points had come to normal readings, a big improvement.  We shifted him, just after eight days, to Breaker because the initial issues had changed with just eight days, and now he went on to Breaker – ¼ of an ounce four times a day is what tested out.  We go to August 10th, and he’s now regaining weight that he’d lost; bladder control is getting better, and at that point, he shifted to Clear, the dose tested out to one ounce four times a day.  About three weeks later, in September, he went on to Alpha as the next formula - ½ ounce four times a day tested out.  So we have excellent CMP readings, and now the body tells us the key toxins that are coming out are cadmium and lead.  Typically, each time we test we find some key toxins; the next time we don’t detect those at all or we may continue with the same formula and they continue a little longer, and a point comes when we don’t find those toxins at all that were there before, but now a new toxin is being revealed at a different layer, and this is what the body’s dealing with.  So then we went about five weeks later, in October, with Alpha – now the dose went up to one ounce three times a day.  Here we added in the micro mineral product twice a day.  He continued to improve.  The Parkinson’s condition had reached a certain level of improvement, and it seemed to be there, but it was much improved from where we started out.  For those of you who have worked with Parkinson’s know that is a very difficult condition to see much improvement with most of the conventional ways of treating. 

"Let’s take a look right here, this is what the test looked like in that June test, what you can see here are some readings, and they’re averaging – they may be a little bit hard to see – but it doesn’t go up to the full 100 scale – it’s been a little chopped off bit here for the picture – but a lot of the readings are between 60 and 70, and we have a number of indicator drops – which is the white that comes on down – that shows weaknesses.  That shows well down below 50.  This is the Parkinson’s condition, still very strong.  Here’s what it looks like just eight days or ten days later or so, and now everything is right at 50.  That’s what this value is here.  It’s the perfect reading that we strive for with the formulas.  That’s from this level here with many drops, and stressed area, and right to 50 in just about a week.  So these accelerate our progress.

"Here’s another case:  a 73 year old female with fairly advanced Alzheimers disease, mental deterioration, needs constant supervision and loss of bowel control.  We haven’t seen a lot of dramatic improvement with Alzheimer’s once it’s progressed past a certain point.  We have eight tests we are looking at.  Here, at May 11th , started out with Clear as the best formula.  Heavy metals, aluminum, mercury and gold, up in the limbic system of the brain is what we have showing up. Electrical current stress is going on as well, with some metals in the mouth.  We have some jaw, dental cavitation issues to deal with, so surgery was done to clear out the dental focus that was disturbing neurotransmitter function and other organs.  Clear then was continued; dose increased a little bit at this point – that was about four weeks, another month later.  Clear continued to be the best formula, and at this point we had an overaccelerated detoxing process, with some diarrhea.  Mercury wasn’t showing at all anymore.  I couldn’t find it wherever I looked.  But aluminum was still showing as a major toxin; and that’s been associated often with Alzheimers.  Then aluminum then came on here a couple of months later – about 2 ½ months later here.  Breaker was the next formula, plus we added a mineral formula as well.  We had some imrprovement – mood swings are better, diarrhea’s getting better.  Then a month after that we shifted back to Clear, plus the micro mineral formula.  There’s some sleep trembles, etc. mentioned here at the next one in December, two months later.  Clear is there, the dose is increasing; the micro minerals continue.  There’s a noticeable improvement in the physical level of function; the bowels are better; the readings are looking much better; however, in her case the Alzheimers situation still continues to deteriorate.  That has stabilized recently, but in that case, but again the Alzheimers is one where we haven’t seen any real clear improvement with the mental, but there’s lots of other things that can improve.

"Here is that first test.  We had readings in the 60’s to the 70’s, several indicator drops after we went on the formula, we had a lot of readings averaging, with no drops, in the upper 50’s into the upper 60’s, so there’s an improvement – 50 is our ideal value.

"Here we have the next test where we have a number of 50’s, especially on the left side – those are all good.  For the most part, with a few drops, so there’s improvement here.  Here’s another one where everything is 50 except the bladder is up with some stress. 

"The last test in this series here – everything is very stable and consistent, symmetrical at about 58,  so that’s following the Alzheimers.

"We have one last case here.  This is a malem, 55 years old.  He’s had mastoiditis, three surgeries – mastoidectomy, perforated eardrum.  He came in because he had bleeding from the ear for about the last month.  He decided he’d better do something about that.  We took a look at things here.  He’d been on good nutritional and dietary support, but we started him with Breaker at 2 oz. four times a day, plus the minerals.  Coming back in twelve days, he was feeling worse, having severe headaches, lethargy, constipated.  We found that the dose had become too strong.  He went a number of days in which the dose worked well, and then because he had a toxic focal problem in the mastoid bone, that got released and became too much of an overload at the dose he was at.  In his case, we cut the dose down, and within a day or two, he was feeling much better; energy was up.  At the high dose, the bleeding stopped.  We go back to the low dose, went on that for a little while longer, and we have with the Breaker at the lower dose, feeling better, no longer in a healing crisis, no fatigue, ear’s not draining.  Then after a while, the ear started to drain again, and he felt the dose had come back up to work more strongly, and so, that went on up, that continued.  We had one situation in July when we had about eight days of 105 degrees or higher in Dallas.  He was driving to work in a car with no air conditioner.  We had a number of people that all had an extremely overaccelerated detox – their readings were in the 40’s.  So at normal doses were becoming too strong and we saw that all across the board, an unusual situation.  It was very noticeable.  So he was part of that situation that went on there.  He shifted to Balance then, went to Clear, went to Alpha and then improved quite a lot here.

"Here’s the first reading.  He was in pretty good health except for this ear problem. We had the one big drop on the liver, and here, after being on the formula a little bit, we had no drops, still around 50.  Here we had the next one right here – many 50’s.  Here’s another one with many 50’s and some drops.  That’s one of the things we learned just from that , sometimes when the dose becomes too strong, we’ll get an aggravation – we need to adjust that – and keep some control with some methods, so we like to have the electrodermal screening to be able to steer and readjust the doses as those are needed.

"Here’s a summary right here.  With bacteria, it seemed to be Clear, Alpha, Breaker were the top formulas.  Chemical toxins: Alpha, Breaker, Balance and Clear.  Fungal toxins: Alpha, number 1, then Clear.  Metals: Clear first, then Alpha.  Parasites: Clear first, then Alpha.  Viruses:  Alpha, Breaker, Balance.  Often the Balance doesn’t show up as much here because some of these are people with more serious problems.  With those that are healthier, Balance tends to show up a little bit more often.  Okay, they accelerated detoxification; sometimes in two or three weeks, we get what I’d expect in two or three months with the homeopathic.  Be careful of the sensitivity for dosages.  We can get an overaccelerated detox if we go too strong with the formulas but sometimes they don’t take enough formula.  In order to mobilize toxins, we need enough of the formula to carry it all out and transport.  So it can go both ways: either giving too little can result in aggravation; or giving too much can result in the aggravation.  That’s where the testing is important to make the decision.  In some ways it simplifies what we’re doing with these just few formulas, to cover a wide range of issues, without having to get specific as we do with the homeopathics.  I see this as a good basic therapy, a kind of foundation that covers many things that you don’t even know are there, but this will deal with that detoxing.  But when we need specific help, we have a whole range of specific formulas, whether it’s nutritional or homeopathic complexes that can be used to target specific things; help with hormonal balances, neurotransmitters and something heavier with the worms and parasites, something that needs stronger formulas. 

"Our findings are that they’re very powerful and they’re safe.  If someone has an aggravation and they stop, it goes right away.  It covers many, many differ conditions, set out to detox.  Just be careful that you have a method to test and work with that.  We have a number of other studies that we would like to do to find out more specifically on these formulas.  Any of you here that are interested in participating in working with that in some research and making use of the products, can get in touch with me and with the Perfect Science group - we can be found in the exhibit hall area there.  I’ll be doing a workshop this afternoon, where we’ll be doing a more specific demonstration of how we actually test for the doses, test for the protocols and work through that.  One additional technology we have added is a footbath device that restructures water, and let’s the body detoxify through the skin, bypassing the kidney and liver.  We incorporate the water formulas; they drink it and put some in the water bath for the footbath.  That’s another application.  The mineral formulas that we talked about, Dr. Drucker will be presenting a lot more information on that later on today. It’s not printed in your book here, but Drucker will be talking about that; it’s part of the overall program that we’re working with.   We’ll give you a little information about another approach that has some similarities.  It’s energetic medicine but it’s not homeopathic, per se, but it’s working with this basis of detoxifying.  That’s what we’re trying to do, get the body detoxified, energized and back to normal.  With that I’ll had it back to Dan and I thank you for your attention."