Using Perfect Science Ayterion Agua to Offset Chemical Toxicity

The Ayterion Agua formulas are bottled to be blended and then drunk once or twice a day.

Beyond that, however, you can add your now blended formula to:

  • Your soups and stews
  • Your coffee, tea or drinks (watch out, though, carbonated beverages tend to flatten)
  • Your wine (becomes aged and mellow)
  • Your dish soap
  • Your shampoo and conditioners
  • Your body soap
  • Household cleaners (neutralizes toxic elements, but does not disrupt cleaning power)
  • Your bath (although ideally, the Bath/Spa formula is made for baths, hot tubs, pools)

In addition, this is a system.  We are bombarded with toxins through our water, air, and food.

Your skin absorbs a substantial amount of these toxins.

Put some of the blended drink into a spray bottle and spray yourself right after your shower or bath.

After bathing, apply our Aloe Gel, and then the Body Moisturizing Cream

For your beauty products, use Novaurora products on your face - these contain the beneficial ingredient of Ayterion Agua.

Carry our small Breaker dropper bottle with you.  Add to your water and drinks in restaurants or when you travel.

The applications are endless!  Keep yourself healthy on a daily basis with Perfect Science!