Radiation and Perfect Science

Research has shown that Perfect Science aids the body by neutralizing radiation.

Below is part of the transcript of a speech by Dr. Doug Leber based on his clinical research with Perfect Science Ayterion Agua formulations:

"We found Alpha was typically able to reverse the effect of the altered extracellular tissue structure induced by the geopathic influence, in about 6-8 days taking Alpha, so that was helpful in that case.

"Toxic heavy metals, parasites, radiation, stress, vaccine toxins, and various viruses. So this is just taking a look. If we looked at all this particular patient population, 35% of the time heavy metals was one of the major toxins in the patients here, and bacteria showed up 21% of the time, viruses 13%, parasites 12%, fungus, fungal toxins, 8%, chemicals 4% and the rest were down here with a smaller percentage. We actually have more cancer cases with that although in our search which this was based on, they weren't all identified specifically here."

Full article at:  http://www.perfectwaters.net/clinical.html
Tip:  To protect yourself from TSA scanners, drink 6 oz. of blended formula followed by 12 oz. of spring water prior to entering the airport.   Spray yourself with the blended formula also before entering the airport.   Spray yourself (privately) after getting scanned.  Also drink another 6 oz. of blended formula after your scan.  (This can be accomplished by taking a small dropper bottle with you, and using bottled spring water bought at the airport.)  Remember to drink twice as much spring water as formula afterwards.  Drinking and spraying sets up a field of protection around you, preventing cellular/DNA damage.