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I recently had the opportunity to evaluate a client. She had a complaint of a severe headache, slight fever, dizziness and general malaise. She had gone to a doctor who ordered a CAT scan which discovered nothing. His suggestion at that point was to do a spinal tap. An EMT evaluation showed encephalitis caused by cytomegalovirus, and subsequently HIV. If diagnosed by a doctor, she would have been considered to have full blown AIDS. After suggesting that she find another doctor, and get some blood work done, she was given Clear to drink, and was exposed, in addition, to EMT frequencies, just to speed healing. The next day the headache was gone, and we have seen complete reversal of the HIV and cytomegalovirus in just a couple of weeks.

Another client had severe nerve damage caused by a combination of the flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine; in addition, he had an aneurysm. We have seen reversal of both the nerve damage and aneurysm, through the use of Perfect Science. By energetically addressing the mercury and aluminum from the vaccines, the body was able to heal itself. - SM 05/10/05

When asked if would submit my testimonial on behalf of the Perfect Science products, I couldn`t wait to jump at the chance!!

I am here to tell you that I attribute the Perfect Science products for my current state of outstanding EXCELLENT HEALTH!!

Upon receiving the results of my initial EMS Test, I was shocked, awed and dismayed, to say the very least,at the results!! Here I was, in what I assumed to be in GREAT physical shape, only to find out, that I was assessed with an unhealthy variety and blend of Heavy Metals, Arthritis, Bursitis, various Poisons and Toxins, Viruses, etc. and even one virus the test couldn`t even "identify"!! What on earth was going on here, I queried??

Anyways, after consultation, I commenced ingesting the suggested Perfect Science product,and within a matter of a few short months, I am OVERJOYED to report that ALL of the "conditions" that I was originally evaluated with are .. GONE!! I sit here TOTALLY and COMPLETELY TOXIN FREE!! No more "poisons" of any kind exist in my body any more!! I am TOTALLY CLEANSED inside and out thanks to Perfect Science!! At age 54, I now have the the "internal structure" of a teenager!!

So, if you are struggling with any type of "health issue", I URGE not to wait any longer!! Get tested!! Find out what`s ailing you. Then start taking the suggested Perfect Science product!! Your state of physical and psychological well-being are in your hands. Do something about it .. NOW! Perfect Science can help! I`m a living testimony to its powerful healing effects! Any amount of time and money you "invest" in yourself will be well worth it!! I mean,after all,what "price" can you put on good health? There is NO future in being sick .. only in being well.

Think health .. practice health .. and you will be!! God Bless ...

Donald E.Kullander,Jr.


I was evaluated with heavy mercury, aluminum and silver toxicity, confirmed on an EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll) machine (and since have found out that I have/had Fibromyalgia). Also had foot bath with a BEFE (bio-electric field enhancement) unit. After 35 minutes, the foot bath water looked like minestrone soup, with large dark orange globs floating in the orange water (undefined toxins which were in the dermal layer). Two weeks on the formulas brought renewed energy, and clearer thinking. One month brought new hair growth, and much of it coming in full color, in areas previously all grey. Much detoxification has taken place since then, with increased elimination, some strange bumps, rashes, etc. popping up here and there, as the body cleans itself out. Skin beginning to look renewed, even after this short period of time. Will be interested to see what a second reading on the EAV will bring.

SM, Chicago

Subj: [W_O_W] Sun block?
Date: 7/2/01 8:16:47 AM Central Daylight Time

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I went to an outdoor tag sale the other day in 90 degree sun with no
shade available. Earlier that morning I showered with the PS bath bar.
I spent 3 1/2 hrs. in the boiling sun. Being very fairhaired and
freckled, I burn at the drop of a hat. Much to my surprise I didn't
even turn color and no blistering or peeling later. This is truly a
miracle for I thought I would end up in the hospital for overexposure.
Has anyone else had this experience?


Subject: [W_O_W] Live blood cell analysis
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 21:05:57 -0800


Yes, we caught it on videotape--Ryan Berg's excitement and amazement at
seeing the change in a person's blood 20 minutes after drinking the Clear
formula. She had had her test in the morning before the conference
started; she was the only new person who had been tested, so I suggested we look at her blood before and after taking her formula. Unbeknowns to me, she had a history of cancer and was seeking alternatives to chemo and radiation.
Before taking Clear, her red blood cells were massively clumped together,
thus reducing their capacity for carrying oxygen. Twenty minutes later,
most of the cells were floating free! There was also less distortion of
their form. And in the dried blood sample, large amounts of heavy metals
were already visibly coming out after she drank the Clear. Ryan had never
seen such fast results in any of the people he had tested--he exclaimed
that if he hadn't done the tests himself he would say the second test must be
someone else's blood.

We followed up on this test by videotaping two more tests the next day,
before and after taking the formulas. I had stopped taking Clear a week
earlier; after my one-teaspoon dose, my red cells were rounder and there
was less debris in my blood. The other person tested was coming down with the
flu; his blood was heavily cluttered with debris, and his red cells instead
of being round looked like bottle caps (jagged edges). After two ounces of
Life's Essence, the cells were remarkably rounder and the debris was

We'd be happy to show you these tapes when you come to Mt. Shasta, and if
there is demand, we can do more taping and make the tapes available,
providing that Ryan and the people tested are willing.

Blessings to all,
Marilyn Taylor
Full Circle Wellness Center of Mt. Shasta

Subject: [W_O_W] Ayterian Agua Bath Unit & my experience
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 23:49:58 -0400


Want to share our experience in Las Vegas using the bath unit, now a part of the Ayterian Agua Perfect Science system. . The trip to Las Vegas was (#1) to use the bath, and for training. We will be doing foot baths at the Chicago workshop and welcome any who are coming to experience this yourself. As Kraig likes to say, the bath unit is the safest most painless way to detox on a large scale in a very short period of time. Phenomenal results have been experienced by many, including an autistic boy of 7 who 'reclaimed his life' after only 4 months!

We arrived in Las Vegas Thursday evening and the first bath was that night. Laara brought the unit to our motel and was visiting until the SMELL of what was coming out of me almost drove her away! I was unaware of any smell but for Laara it was intense. It nauseated her. She said it smelled like ... medicine, drugs of some kind. Maybe the anesthesia used when the upper teeth were pulled before xmas, certainly insulin, and who knows what else? My past is full of pain pills, surgeries, and toxic chemicals.

I got in the bathtub (or put your feet into a container of water) and the unit was placed into the water. Kraig turned it on and immediately a smoky looking cloud began to come out of the unit. The water began changing to a yellowish tint, quickly became darker brown, then a reddish brown with dark flecks. The flecks looked solid but when poured onto a towel and touched they dissolved into a 'stain'. Soap would not have removed it. We used Solutions with no problem. Next month the household products from Perfect Science will be available and will work and clean the sewer too! Will post about that after the Chicago workshop.

I put my head under water for periods of time and could see a gelatinous looking 'layer' in the water, looked like 1/4 to 1/2" thick. Not on top of the water, but from the top down into the water. I also turned over and put my jaw into the water up to my nostrils. The ears were under water. We believe because the anesthesia (and antibiotics for one week) from dental work was so recent, it was flushed out quicker and was the cause of the intense smell. Who knows? This is SO exciting for me. No one but me can do it, and I AM! I AM cleansing to a degree never even imagined possible before!

After 35 minutes (2 cycles of 17 minutes - read about it on the BEFE site) I cleaned the tub out, showered & washed hair and joined Laara, Kraig and EJ. Amazing how well I felt! Besides feeling wonderful, energized, ready to go (after approximately 21 hrs since daybreak), my hair was very different (have baby fine hair), thicker, like something was on it. I know it is something coming from my head. Who can dispute what I think? For me, this has never been done before. wow!

Second bath was Sunday morning. Head was again soaked. Same dirty water, same effect on hair. Same feeling of wellness afterward. The third bath was Monday night after watching Bill Moyer's report on PBS. Head was not soaked as our plane was leaving early in the morning.

I am still detoxing. A GOOD detox! Many strange things happened in the
beginning. Blood sugar was in the high 500's the morning before the third bath, but ... I couldn't feel it! I should have been in or near to DKA (diabetic keto acidosis), in intense pain, but my body had no awareness of having high blood sugar. We finally surmised that the formula (was drinking Clear and Breaker) was encapsulating the pollutants that were released in the baths, and they measured like glucose (?), but actually it wasn't. I was protected from the effect! That afternoon I began sneezing and nose started dripping. No cold. Felt great, just couldn't quit blowing my nose or sneezing.

The flight home the next day was intense. Both ears became plugged shortly after take-off, with no let up. Lip started swelling between nose and mouth and getting very tender, drying up. They stayed swollen like that for about 4 days, and still my sinuses are draining. The left ear cleared after final landing, but the right ear didn't clear for over 12 hours, only after drops of Clear and sleeping on that side. Laara said that the detox can continue for 3-5 days. We believe the anesthesia from dental work caused the earache and swollen lips. Again, who knows?

Kraig had no negative effects from taking one bath. He felt more energy afterwards, but nothing noticeable. He dirtied the bathtub also. Not quite as dark as mine, but he too has a history of DDT, paint solvents and ... living in the world we've created. He is anxious to begin using the bath more.

Now that Eniva minerals ( have been added (already sensing they are having positive effects), diabetes is losing its power over my body, and my mind. It is possible and I believe it will be. It will. Who knows how long? This is my experience and no one can do anymore than I can. It's intuition for me, and a guess for anyone else. No one can experience what I experience. No one will experience the same thing. We are all different, and the differences do count when it comes to matters of healing.

It is such an ... enlightening ... journey!

This is 'MY' experience. Please do what you are lead to do, whether
through a doctor or naturopath or ... anyone who offers a way that feels right to you. It has taken me INTENSE studying for 4+ years. Diabetic complications nearly killed me and for the next 16 years I began learning and reading and trying. Cancer woke both of us up, and then the real studying began. Now, ... imagine, ... healing.

The formulas have enabled my body to cleanse and heal by bringing balance to my body systems. It continues, but ... life is a journey. We have never experienced or seen these type of results. Thank you Perfect Science!


The recommended protocal is 9 baths given every 2-3 days, then as
necessary. The reports we have seen are phenomenal. An autistic child, age 7
(diagnosed at age 3) after 4 months of using the BEFE, is now in regular school, Boy Scouts, knows his phone number, and his dad's, and dials on his own, can write legibly, colors within lines of pictures, knows names of teacher, school, relatives, ... reads, uses logic and interface skills, makes his own bed, serves his own breakfast, cleans up after himself, is very creative with legos and is building a clock tower, made a car with ice cream sticks, knows his favorite tv shows, and more and more and more. In four months he is a new child.

Hope to have this information on our website soon, as well as other reports documenting results with Type II diabetes, high cholesterol/triglycerides and more.

The bath unit cleanses the inside from the outside, without any intrusion.
It just sits in the water while you relax. The hotter the water the more relaxing it is.

The technology of BEFE* and Perfect Science go hand and hand. The Ayterian
Agua bath unit has been incorporated into Perfect Science and a
lease/rental program is being completed. The price is $1,995+ shipping
and will be available on a 1 or 2 year lease/purchase arrangement. Details
are forthcoming.

This is for your information only. Again, this is not advice for anyone. It
is my experience only. Please consult with your physician. Better yet, tell
your physician about what is happening and see if they are open to
investigating the possibilities that exist to cleanse and heal.

Info about the leasing plan will be posted soon.

Many blessings,