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Factory in Istanbul (destroyed in earthquake):

Doug Leber:


This is the late Arlene Lennox PhD from Fermilab reviewing testing.
Taken when Perfect Science went to Fermilab Batavia,Illinois.

Dr. Arlene Lennox supervised the work of Perfect Science, the formulas, gels, microcurrent and testing with Aquatron 2000, I-Health and Prognos testing devices.

Perfect Science: DOE, Argonne National Laboratory, Fermi Lab, Arlene Lennox PhD, microcurrent, EKO-Current(IP), ECO-Current(TS) since 1995.

Nutrient Cycle:

Nutrient Cycle


Royal Flush label:

Turkish Spa in a Bath:


Spray and Gel Labels:

Jim Trider, Joe Savage, Full Circle Technologies and Rejuvenations Center, Sarasota:

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