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The rule of mankind and the development of civilizations began with man’s control over the power of fire. From time to time this power created out-of-control fires causing man to develop and implement various techniques to regain control over this destructive force. First, man tried using water. Later, having considered the growth of industry, mankind looked for other types of extinguishers, realizing that using water as an extinguisher was inefficient. Thus began the utilization of gases such as CO2, powders and, finally, foams for extinguishing purposes.

1. A fire starts when three main “ingredients” — heat, a flammable material and oxygen — interact simultaneously. This is called the “Fire Triangle.” There are several classifications of fires including the following:

A. solid material fires (wood, timber, etc.)

B. fluid material fires (petrochemical derivatives, oil fires, etc.)

C. gas fires (LPG, natural gas, etc.)

D. metallic fires (sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc.)

E. electrical fires

The extinguishing process is realized by breaking the “Fire Triangle” through the elimination of one or two of the three ingredients. There are several extinguishing agents for this purpose. Fire departments use one or more of these agents according to the type of fire and conditions of the site. A general classification for these types of extinguishing combinations follows:

1. extinguishing agents used with water

2. extinguishing agents used with extinguishing gases

3. dry chemical powders

4. foams and foam mixtures

5. new technologies

2. Great progress in technology in recent years has initiated advancements in all areas of industry, generating thousands of new synthetic materials. And, many new manufacturing facilities were created in order to produce these new materials.

3. It is known that standard extinguishing systems are insufficient for fires created by the ignition of these new synthetic materials (plastics, nylons, new petrochemical derivatives, etc.). We hereby present you with an entirely new technology…



The Technology of Perfect Science A.D.

The Technology of Perfect Science A.D. was developed through many years of research for the purpose of eliminating the destructive actions of hydrocarbons on earth, thus saving the ecological balance of the earth.

The Perfect Science A.D. Formula:
1. Base Formula — covers the different alkaline materials homogeneously and carries an expansion characteristic; it homogeneously integrates fluids having different viscosities; it never affects the characteristics of integrated material — the material maintains its chemical composition; the base formula is organic and has a pH value of 7.

2. Premix Formula — has the characteristic of being able to break down compositions; the Premix Formula becomes active, breaking down the chemical compositions when mixed in the Base Formula at a rate of 3% or 4%.

The Formula of Perfect Science A.D.:

  • 93% transformed aqua super Ayterion perfect water
  • .3% trade secret Ayterion  binders
  • 3–4% Transformational Perfect Science Ayterion (IP) Trade Secret
  • 3% Breaker , Clear Binding (Trade Secret IP Perfect Science )

*The percentages mentioned above vary according to the application areas. The Base Formula remains the same.



Using P.S.T. as Fire Extinguishing Agent

P.S.T. eliminates all limitations encountered in other fire extinguishing agents. It:

1. can be used effectively against all “A,” “B,” “C,” “D” and “E” types of fires and their variations.

2. acts on two, sometimes three, elements of the “Fire Triangle” at the same time, simultaneously eliminating the heat; chemically holds the oxygen in the area (O2 = O3 cycle) and alters the environment by covering the flammable material.

3. is superior to all other extinguishing agents except water in view of properties. Namely, it…

  • is non-corrosive to its container (has anticorrosive properties), thus does not require special containers for storage
  • has an indefinite shelf life
  • does not require special environmental conditions for storing (heat, humidity, pressure conditioning, etc.)

The Perfect Science A.D. formula is greatly superior to foams for several reasons:

a) Foams require special equipment that combine specific proportions of materials with air.

b) The Perfect Science A.D. formula can be sprayed a much greater distance than conventional foams, using standard water hoses/pipes, producing a foam only upon contact with the object sprayed.

c) The Perfect Science A.D. technology reacts with oxygen within one half second, converting it to ozone and producing a thin film over the flammable material, thus eliminating the possibility of re-ignition.

d) Detergent based foams are known to be toxic and to leave detrimental residues. The Perfect Science A.D. technology, however, is nature’s friend. It is harmless to all living creatures, is neither toxic nor carcinogenic and produces organic fertilizers, which aid the forest in establishing itself again.

4. Because of its anticorrosive properties, it never causes any destructive actions on materials and mechanical devices at fire sites where sensitive and valuable machinery and devices may exist.

5. It covers chemically active and inflammable materials, as well as gunpowder, thus preventing remaining flammable items from becoming ignited. It also chemically absorbs any potential gases that may emerge and any explosive properties of these materials.

6. Can be easily used on all kinds of petroleum and petrochemicals. This property was successfully tested during its use on petroleum fires in Kuwait. During the Gulf War, all kinds of known chemical and physical fire extinguishing measures had been tried, but unfortunately, all interventions applied from the air and ground for weeks could not extinguish the fires of the petroleum wells.

During the application of these classical methods it is first recommended to cool the fire, then to sediment the explosive masses. However, due to the re-explosion of the sedimented hydrocarbons, this resulted in both failure to extinguish the fire and the placement of personnel and materials in perilous situations. It is well known that during these kinds of fires the explosions cause 90% of the damage. But, when the Perfect Science A.D. technology was applied, all of the explosive vapor masses were completely covered and prevented the possibility of re-explosion. This extinguishing action was achieved by spraying the formula from airplanes specifically equipped for forest fires. Our formulation, together with activated water, caused all the flammable and explosive gases to be sedimented, thus preventing the production of dangerous vapors. All damage could have been avoided if our formula was applied prior to the explosions, which did indeed cause 90% of the damage.

The Perfect Science A.D. technology has set its seal on the world, creating a revolution in the area of firefighting by causing explosive vapor masses to fall down using an oxygen-blocking system. Perfect Science A.D. technology is now ready for use in every country, on all kinds of fires — especially forest fires — without causing any detrimental effects to the environment or nature.



The Concepts of Usage of Perfect Science A.D. Technology Against Forest Fires.

The Perfect Science A.D. technology can be used effectively in two ways against forest fires. One of these is by firefighting vehicles and the other is by firefighting planes. When P.S.T. is used by firefighting vehicles and planes there is no need to use water and chemicals, such as foams currently used, and, in addition, plant coverage destroyed during a fire can reestablish itself in 90 days. The Perfect Science A.D. formula never causes any detrimental toxic gases or vapors to be spread into the environment. In fact, it creates a fully recyclable, balanced condition.

Classical methods of extinguishing fires could not achieve the effectiveness produced by P.S.T. and its environmental protection properties. P.S.T., which is the technology of the 22nd century, has proved it’s unquestionable superiority during manifold tests performed around the world. The use of this technology with firefighting vehicles and planes is ultimately simple, effective and very economical. There is no need to use any additional systems or equipment in order to use the Perfect Science A.D. technology with any firefighting vehicles.

Because most new technologies are usually very expensive, it may surprise you that P.S.T. has such a low market price, too!

There are no products available in the world today that can compare to the Perfect Science A.D. technology.

Perfect Science A.D.

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