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The Gift Perfect Science AD Inc

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What would you do if you had a formula that brought positive results to every person with every kind of debilitating condition?

That's a question we have asked ourselves daily at Full Circle Biomedical Technologies, Inc. as we continue our testing program with the biomedical formulas developed by Perfect Science AD. As we test more and more people every day with various conditions, we see the same amazing positive results. Over and over again,our patients are telling us they feel better and their symptoms are disappearing. Our patients have a wide variety of conditions, from MS, hepatitis C, lupus, to chronic fatigue, cancer, autism and AIDS. We are testing new conditions almost every week and are excited by the positive results.

What is this miraculous formula?

After eighteen years of pioneering research, Perfect Science, AD, a Turkish-American research and development company, funded by a large Saudi Arabian company created a solution to the problem of pollutants and toxic waste. A series of proprietary water formulas were developed which succeeded in breaking down toxins and encapsulating heavy metals and pollutants so that they were no longer a threat to natural processes. Recently this basic water formula has been modified for human consumption with amazing results.

The formulas were tested by an independent lab to verify its safety. Full Circle Bio-Medical Technologies, Inc. has been testing these formulas since 1999 with phenomenal results.

These "environmental health products" a true eco-system approach Perfect Science Eco-System Approach to Balance™ using the Ayterion System™ are reported to aid in restoring normal biochemical and electrical capacities within the body. And it is further reported that, when ingested, the formulas seem to create the ideal conditions within the body's cells so that detoxification and healthy cell metabolism can take place. Our own research indicates that the biomedical formulas may have a profound balancing and healing effect on human physical, mental, and emotional states. We have observed remarkable health changes.

The Aquatron AD 2000 I-Health - Prognos - Muscle Test - Clinic - Spa - Institution

Having a "miracle" formula is one thing; proving its effectiveness is quite another. In order to test the effectiveness of this formula we are using a testing device called the Aquatron 2000. (THE GIFT ) The Aquatron is an electro-dermal screening device with specially developed software for use with these biomedical formulas. These types of machines were originally developed in the 1950’s by Dr. Voll when he married western technology with ancient Chinese medicine.

There are currently thousands of these types of devices in use worldwide.

"See" the results

When we test our patients and these formulas with the Aquatron we can "see" the effect these formulas can have on the various bodily systems. Using this device we are able

to monitor what is happening with the patient and amend treatment if necessary. By observing this process we have developed a protocol for the use of these formulas with patients.

Will you participate?

We can now offer this entire program to any licensed health practitioner who would like to participate. We are currently developing a library of the test results produced by the Aquatron device. We envision a network of allied physicians around the world using the same diagnostic equipment. These doctors will be communicating their results through the Internet and be prescribing our products based on reliable, reproducible laboratory test results.