Balance Concentrate

Balance Concentrate

The first of the Ayterion AguaIP Balancing System. It works on the energy levels of the body balancing it at a faster rate than Mother's WaterIP, Water of LifeIP or Life's EssenceIP. It is used when present stage of disease in the body needs it, adds an increase of energy to help in the healing process and prepares you for deeper detoxification, beginning recuperating. All Ayterion AguaIP drinks are anti-aging!

This is a concentrate. Makes 8 to 12 liters after the first bottle.  Drink 3 to 8 ounces or more twice a day.  This is a 3+ week to 2 month supply.  

Formulas can be stored indefinitely, even after opening,  as long as they are not frozen.

Made in the US 
Manufactured in the U.S.

Weight 0.50 lbs
Instructions for Use Blending the Perfect Science Formulas Mix and Store formula only in glass containers. Do not mix with metal utensil or in metal container. Do not refrigerate. Spring water is recommended because it has been found to have more life energy than other wate
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