How to detox your body

Toxins, toxins, everywhere!

What Can You Do About It?

What is the best way to detox your body?

Perfect Science Ayterion Agua Bio Health Products


Take action against the toxins in your food, water, air and products NOW!   Now you can learn how to completely detox your body!  Are you considering a detox diet?  Start with a detox drink!

Bulletproof your health with these amazing products and find out how to detox your body at home!

Perfect Waters, LLC has been working with Perfect Science AD for the last 11 years blending products that will not only neutralize toxins in your food, water, drinks - even your air, your cosmetics and cleaning products - but will also turn those toxins into beneficial amino acids that are good for your body.

Perfect Science AD started as a environmental company, doing incredible, beneficial work for the environment, cleaning oil and chemical contamination.  Their research took them to the pollution of the body, and they created products specifically for the human body to do the same thing as their products were doing for the environment.   Their health formulas are named Ayterion AguaIP.   They neutralize those toxins and turn them into beneficial amino acids that promote health.

Have you been considering getting a water alkalizer?  With our products, your body's pH will become balanced.  Too much alkalinity is as bad as too much acidity.  Balance is the key factor.   These health formulas bring your pH to its most perfect level in the body without spending thousands on alkaline water machines.

Do you feel like a victim of the chemical companies?  Well, no more.  Take charge of your health and your life TODAY!

Read my story of how I saved my life with these health formulas.

How do you get started?

  1. Choose a product. These are beneficial formulas.  If you were to chemically analyze these products, they would be 99.98% water and the balance, Perfect Science formula and plant saponins.   The phase transfer catalyst formulas blend with water, minerals and saponins to become highly effective health formulas that are beneficial to the human body.   That is the scientifically proven characteristics of these formulas.  The links below will allow you to order:
    • Starter Formulas (link) - These products begin a gentle cleansing of the body and are great for maintenance.

    • Stronger Formulas (link) - These are more specific to detoxing, and are targeted to certain systems of the body.

    • Formulas for Emotional/Spiritual Work (link) - These do as they say - there is detoxing action - but these will target the emotions, or can be used as part of meditation, for energy work, etc.
    • Special Use Formulas (link) - There are dropper bottles to take with you to restaurants or on trips; we have a bath formula; we have a veggie wash, we have soap, creams, gels; we have an agricultural formula; we also have a formula strictly for cleaning up drinking water.
  2. Blend your product according the instructions given.  ALL OF OUR FORMULAS ARE SOLD AS CONCENTRATES (except some of our special use formulations).  A 4 ounce bottle of concentrate will make anywhere from 2-5 gallons of blended product (depending on the specific formula) for you to use.
  3. Drink 4-16 ounces per day, split between morning and evening, on an empty stomach. Follow this by twice as much spring water.  This is how you begin to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.
  4. REMEMBER, you have been bombarded with toxins all your life.  If you have not done any work to cleanse the body, it will take time.
  5. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK lots of good, clean spring water throughout the day.  We do not recommend reverse osmosis or distilled water, as these rob minerals from the body.  You want to have your water full of minerals and energized.
  6. BATHE in our Turkish Spa in a Bath.  Your skin is your largest organ - you will be attacking toxins from the inside out, and from the outside in.
  7. TREAT your food, etc.:  Put some of your blended formula into a spray bottle - you can spray yourself after a shower, spray your meats, fruits and vegetables at the restaurant (we recommend our Veggie Wash for home cleaning of fruits and veggies); drop some blended formula into your juice, coffee, tea, soups, stews, sauces, etc.; drop some blended formula into your dish soap, laundry soap and other cleaning products; put some drops into your humidifier water; blend it into face cream, shampoo, etc. - the uses are endless!
  8. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK!   You've taken charge of your health and your life!

REMEMBER, the human body is a miraculous system.  It has always had the ability to heal itself.  It just needs help moving the toxins out.  All the body's energy is constantly trying to remove the toxins or protect itself from toxins (fat cells), but we have been so bombarded in every aspect of living, that the body is overwhelmed.  Once you remove the toxins, the body can heal itself.

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PS.  Removing the toxins from fat cells is key to losing weight.   If you are on a weight loss program, and are not taking steps to clear the toxins out of your body, those toxins can be redeposited and fat cells will form around them.



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This information is not intended to diagnose or recommend medical treatment of any kind for anyone.  Please consult with your doctor before using any products as part of treatment of any disease or condition.