Randall Miller's Blossom Perfect(IP) - 16 oz.

Randall Miller's Blossom Perfect(IP) - 16 oz.

Increases Yields by 50% to 400%

Harmonizes Plant Development

Prevents Freezing of Crops

Improves Root, Stem, Leaf, Blossom and Fruit

Conditions Arid or Salty Soils

Beneficial to the Environment
(see Perfect Science and gulfoilsolution.info)

Blossom Fertilizer

Perfect Science Videos on Blossom PerfectIP (formerly called Perfect Blossom)

All purpose fertilizer for the home to the large scale farm.

Randall Miller's Blossom PerfectIP Plant Food is a revolutionary new product which provides the nutrients plants need for optimum growth, yield and health. It is entirely nontoxic and is beneficial to the environment. Two different growers here in the US have found that it increased fruit and flower yield by a minimum of 50%! Winter wheat was planted in Turkey as an experiment. It was planted in very poor, arid, salty soil. It not only germinated, but yielded 4 times normal yield! In the US, a floribunda rose (Betty Boop) grew 37 blooms instead of its normal 14, and a hybrid tea (the long-stemmed Taboo) yielded 8 huge blooms instead of its normal 2-3! If that is not enough, Blossom PerfectIP also protects the fruits and vegetables from freezing during short cold snaps.

If you understand what Perfect Science can do to toxic chemicals and heavy metals, you will understand some of the benefits of this product.   Perfect Science trade secret formulas transform toxins into beneficial nutrients.   Therefore, your fruits, vegetables, even your lawn now become environmentally pristine, allowing the plants to flourish.


Blossom PerfectIP liquid is an organically rich nutrient for producing abundant yields and quality plant development that contains enzymes.


  • Regulates and harmonizes plant development
  • Improves root, stem, leaf, blossom and fruit
  • Acts as antifreeze to protect that plant from cold

The enzymes act as catalysts in achieving intracellular chemical balances in the plant and speed up protein synthesis due to their amino acid structures. The enzymes in Blossom PerfectIP act in this way to accelerate development of root, stem, leaf, and fruit in all plants.



  • Not for internal consumption; keep out of the reach of children
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In the case of exposure, wash with plenty of water.
  • Keep at room temperature, protect from direct sunlight and excessive temperatures
  • Keep in strong plastic or glass, avoid contact with metals
  • Normally mixable with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or NPK. Preliminary tests must be made for substances which are of unknown mixability.

General Application - Simplified Instructions:

Shake well prior to use and make the application either early morning or evening. When diluting always put the
Blossom PerfectIP into the container first then add the water to dilute. This energizes the Blossom PerfectIP.

For House Plants:

Dilute with water in a ratio of 1/3000 (e.g. 1/2 teaspoon in 2 US gallons) and water at the base. After use, continue to water the plants with pure water for 21 days which helps in energizing the plant during this period.

For Lawns:

For 1 decare you would use 50 grams or 48 ml of
Blossom PerfectIP mixed with 25 liters of water. On the following morning, lightly sprinkle lawn with regular water. Apply every 3 weeks.

For outside ornamentals & flowers:

2 tablespoons per 5000 square feet as foliar spray. Water as needed. Repeat foliar application every 10 to 15 days.


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