Affiliate Plan

Perfect Waters, LLC reserves the right to modify or eliminate our Affiliate Plan at any time.  You will be notified of any changes by email.

As an affiliate, you have the right to use our banners, and approved material on your website.

Many of our products are available as part of our Affiliate Plan:  including Animal Products/Testing Services, much of our Health Products, Hydrogen Sticks,  Perfect Waters Bath and Beauty Products, Agricultural Products, Testing, Services.

The Affiliate Plan is a single tiered plan; you will receive a 15% commission on products sold using your Affiliate ID; we offer a higher commission of 20% on our Testing.

Affiliate checks or payment transfers will occur once a month after the last day of each month; you must have at least a $25 balance in your account in order to be paid.

Please review our site for information on our products and services; watch any videos; do not make any health claims or cure claims.

All advertising must be approved by Admin.  Please use our Contact form to submit advertising requests.

If you have any questions about a product or service, call our office at 877-890-7709 or use our Contact form.  It is better to be well informed and correct in speaking to your customers than to make false claims.

You should have an option to register as a Partner (meaning Affiliate Partner) on the Home Page.  If you do not see that, please simply use our Contact form and we will manually enroll you.