Energy Enhanced Jewelry

Please also go to our Etsy site to see many more pieces of Perfect Waters' own energy enhanced jewelry to protect you.

Our jewelry is scalar enhanced in a chamber for a certain period of time (excluding BioGenesis, which is their proprietary process and specific to BioGenesis). Scalar energy is the energy of the universe. It blocks electromagnetic fields, which allows the body to heal itself.

By wearing one of our pieces, you will create a 3 foot shield of protection around yourself. You will be stronger, have better balance, think more clearly, have more energy. Many people wear their pendants 24/7, but some have reported too much energy at night. You will have to see for yourself.

For many years, we have sold scalar enhanced jewelry and have received many positive reports from our customers. We were asked to create pieces that were more beautiful as well as functional, and at our Etsy site, you will find an ever changing stock of pendants.

Please stop back soon - we will be replenishing our stock.
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