Emotional De-Fusion Sessions

Unload your unwanted baggage

Resolve old emotional traumas

Stop addictions

Stop negative behavior

Eliminate anger issues

Eliminate the emotions
behind your illness

Find the right relationship

Resolve soul issues

Lose Weight


We came into this life with old emotional wounds. We carry the wounds of our ancestors. Separation from Source can cause wounds which we carry into this life. We then added more during this life. If we do not address and remove these wounds, we will continue to repeat the behaviors associated with these emotional traumas.

De-fusion Therapy is a quick, easy, non-confrontational therapy that can be done over the phone in as little as a half an hour.

There is no need to go into the details of an emotional trauma. By simply identifying the emotional triggers and the point at which these triggers arose along our timeline, we can de-fuse the wound, the corresponding negative emotion and replace it with its opposite positive emotion. Once defused, it is permanently eliminated.

You can schedule sessions in half hour increments.

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