EMS Saliva Evaluation

EMS Saliva Evaluation

We would love to have you try our testing services.  Through your saliva sample, our testing device can read your DNA, and pick up what is challenging your immune system.

Are you balanced? What types of toxins are challenging your body? The EMS (or EMT aka Elton Pigg device) Test is a non-invasive, full body evaluation that does not require your presence - simply submit a form with your saliva sample! The saliva test is offered to clients out of our area who would like an assessment of their health. We view all health issues as either balanced or imbalanced - our evaluations will reflect this. You will be sent an appropriate form to complete for your test. We are available to train you to evaluate yourself using the EMT System.


Your pets can benefit from testing also.  Because we test DNA from saliva or a hair sample (for animals), we can pinpoint challenges that may not be easily identifiable by your veterinarian.   We can also identify emotional issues with pets that may be triggering illness.
When you place your order, you will receive a form from us - fill out the form for your pet, indicating symptoms, and include with that a hair sample in a baggy.

Please call or write for details.

A form to submit with your saliva sample will be available to you as a download upon purchase of a test.

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