Breaker Concentrate

Breaker Concentrate

The second of the Ayterion AguaIP System. It is mainly used to assist in the detoxification of the body. It assists in the body's healing process. Common ailments it assists in treating are viruses, parasites and harmful bacteria that are producing some disorder or malfunctioning of the body. Abetted with the common influenza, Hepatitis and HIV, or any other kind of disorder produced by biological factors. All Ayterion AguaIP products can be used as part of your anti-aging protocol!

This is a concentrate.  Makes 8-12 liters.  Up to a 2 month supply depending on the amount ingested daily.

Formulas can be stored indefinitely, even after opening,  as long as they are not frozen.

Made in the US 
Manufactured in the U.S.

Weight 0.50 lbs
Instructions for Use 1st Bottle: Balance, Breaker, Clear, Alpha - Mix 3-4 liters of pure spring water with the 4 oz bottle of concentrate. Subsequent Bottles: Balance, Breaker pw, 2510, Alpha - Mix 2-3 liters of pure spring water with 1 oz. of concentrate
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