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Ayterion Agua™ System products help to detoxify, maintain and keep the body in optimum physical condition. The products have three active ingredients: Super-Ayterionized Water (99.98%), Perfect Science formulas and saponins. These formulas are considered energy enhanced, anti-aging formulas.

An average one-month supply of Ayterion Agua™ Perfect Science™ formula is less than one fourth the price of some other so-called enhanced "waters" and more effective than any other product out there.  By purchasing a highly concentrated formula that you blend at home, you save on the shipping costs of larger bottles.   Ayterion Agua™ formulas are just that - formulas. For those of you familiar with the Bovis scale, we have personally tested these formulas for their Bovis scale range, and found them each to be over 6.1 million.

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What is Perfect Science Ayterion Agua(TS)?

These begin as actual proprietary trade secret formulas which are then blended with the finest spring water.

Per Dr. Doug Leber:

"This type of energized water - let's take a look, let's go on and tell a little bit about these - they're an aquaeous formulation. It's about 99% water.  It contains a stabilized form of saponins that has certain types of cluster pattern and structure in the water.  There are special types of bonds; there are some extra ions within the water and of course, the basic formula - the base material that is in there. 

"When we analyze the water chemically, we find that it contains saponins, and whatever minerals that were in the base water that went into the base formula.  What saponins do is part of the activity of the formulas.  They are a natural occurring of triterpene glycoside; one of the major sources for those is the Quillaja Sopanaria or Soapbark plant from central South America.  From saponin we get the same root for the word soap.  It comes from that.  These act like a plant based detergent.  They have a surface active property which  forms mycelles, little particles within the water which breaks down the surface tension. One property they have is they can form, by combining with the lipid membranes in cells, they form a hexagonal shaped pore, which accesses like a doorway, right into the cells, and by that rearrangement we have the ability of these formulas to mobilize toxins from where they're stored in the fatty tissues and encapsulate the toxin, begin to pull it out, so they have some particular properties this way.

"These formulas can penetrate to the lipid barriors and get to where toxins are.  They can mobilize those stored toxins.  They seem to accelerate the elimination of the toxins, encapsulate the toxin and transport it out, and given enough time, it will actually break down the toxin as well as enhance the immune system.

"These products that we've been using are an outgrowth of some research that goes back into the 80's.  The original goal was to clean up the pollution on the planet.  There's a video tape that shows a demonstration that Mr. Ayhan Doyuk of Turkey, who collaborated with his wife, Terry Welch, who's American, in producing this technology in the environmental area....

"With this type of technology we are able to take petroleum - you can take crude oil and mix it water - normally they don't mix - you add the formula and the two mix together and become one viscosity liquid and after time, it begins to actually break down the hydrocarbons into harmless amino acids and fatty acids - and it becomes a nutrient - fertilizer, fish food - no more toxic petrochemical hydrocarbons.  You add it to gasoline and it won't burn any more.  You can put another one of the formulas in, and it has a slow burn, over 45 seconds instead of a second and a half.  It's a complete, clean burn so that no smoke that comes out of the burning.   It can be used to put out fires.  They used this in the Kuwait Gulf War with all the oil wells on fire.  This technology is what put those out quickly.  It cleans up polluted soil.  There's a whole range of what was done environmentally. 

"Back in the 90's, they began to see that we need to deal with the pollution in the body with the same technology.  It's not exactly the same formulas, but it is using the same Perfect Science technology that can cause these transformations, acting somewhat as a phase transfer catalyst, to make reactions occur faster and at normal temperatures than chemically normally would be possible, through the energetic properties that are present in these formulations.  You are working beyond the typical chemistry we're used to."   (Please note:  saponins are not added to the formulas; the saponins are in the high quality spring water used to blend the formulas - those saponins are micronized through the phase catalyst process)

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to diagnose or recommend medical treatment of any kind for any one. Please consult with your doctor for approval before using these products as part of treatment of any disease or condition.

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