Aoqili Seaweed Slimming Soap (Defat Soap) All Natural - 5.3 oz. bar

Aoqili Seaweed Slimming Soap (Defat Soap) All Natural - 5.3 oz. bar
Aoqili Seaweed Soap: A penetrating defat soap that helps encourage the removal of fat from under your skin. Aoqili Seaweed Soap exfoliates, cleans, tightens and tones your skin

Aoqili Seaweed Soap is the easy way to a more supple, healthier looking skin and body. Simply use the all natural Aoqili Seaweed Soap as a shower soap or bath soap on a daily basis and see an improved appearance in your body and skin. Aoqili Seaweed Soap is simple and convenient to use. No fuss or hassle! If you use Aoqili Seaweed Soap daily you will be delighted with the results.

Aoqili Sea Weed Soap is a unique, delightfully fragrant bath soap or shower soap made from a rare, deep-water seaweed reported to have deep penetrating and fat emulsifying properties. Thus it is known as a defat soap.

Ancient Oriental cultures have been aware of the defat, slimming and skin softening properties of seaweed for over 400 years. Leading Chinese Dermatologists and Bio-chemists enhanced these natural properties when they developed Aoqili Seaweed Soap.

Aoqili Seaweed Soap contains many trace elements, minerals and vitamins derived from the sea which reduce the accumulation of fluid and astringe the skin to improve its tone and beauty. In addition, these trace elements, through osmosis, penetrate your skin encouraging the loss of stored subcutaneous body fat.

Now you can benefit from the all natural nourishing properties of seaweed in this beautifully fragrant soap. Simply use Aoqili Seaweed Soap as part of your daily beauty routine and because Aoqili Seaweed Soap is non toxic, it does not irritate the skin and can be used all over your body. Aoqili Seaweed Soap exfoliates and permeates your skin leaving it deeply cleansed, tighter and more toned.

The first sign that Aoqili Seaweed Soap is starting to take effect is on the elimination system which will increased while using this product. The excess waste drains out through the excretory system.

Use: Aoqili Defat Seaweed Soap should be used daily and with regular exercise and a healthy diet you will see the difference in your body in days.

Professor Masami Asayama of Chukyo University, Japan, reported a 20% reduction in body fat directly attributed to the use of this soap in a 3 month empirical project. The Chinese Council of Science & Technology gave an empirical study report on the effectiveness of Seaweed Soap: Of the 433 participants with viable data returns, 76.21% had an average weight drop of 33 pounds. Weight losses ranged from 22 to over 110 pounds. All the reports concluded that reducing weight with the seaweed soap is scientific, economical, painless, without side effects and easy to do. Other benefits : the fat burning soap also has other aesthetic properties and helps to cure 12 kinds of edema as well as reduces subcutaneous fat. The soap penetrates the skin surface to draw out deep pore impurities that cause acne. It unclogs pores for a cleaner, smoother skin surface and removes blemishes yet it will not cause irritating side effects.

Clinical Research Results

We recommend drinking Breaker or Clear as part of your weight loss protocol, along with at least 8-10 glasses of pure spring or mineral water daily. 

We also recommend doing a colon cleanse prior to any weight loss program.  Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula's are good products.

Weight 0.50 lbs
Ingredients and Nutrition Seaweed Powder, Aloe Gel, Water, Dried Soap, and Fragrance
Instructions for Use IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS TO OBTAIN RESULTS: Massage the soap into the areas you would like to see results in for 5 minutes twice a day. Soak yourself in the bathtub and gently massage the soap into the problem areas once a week.
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  • Author: alicia samlal
    does this soap help in losing weight
  • Author: Sheri Carter
    The aroma of this soap is intoxicating and my skin feels extremely soft, even without using lotions.

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