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Perfect Waters has been working with the research of Perfect Science for 15 years.  These products are our flagship line for detoxing, reducing inflammation, bringing energy and higher frequencies into the body, lowering cholesterol, while providing anti-aging benefits.   The body cannot heal itself while burdened by toxins; we are bombarded with toxins daily through our food, water, clothing, environment and air.  We are slowly being poisoned every day.   In order to maintain good health, you must first remove the toxins.   These ioniezed  formulas address all types of toxins, including chemicals, mold, parasites, oil, heavy metals and more.  They encapsulate the toxins and transform them into beneficial amino acids in the body.   Once the initial toxins are removed, we recommend a daily maintenance of formula to combat the new toxins coming into the body.  

Do you have aches and pains?  That’s inflammation in the body, a key factor in health issues.   Arthritis is simply the accumulation of toxic crystals in the bloodstream which get caught in the joints, causing inflammation.   Inflammation can be anywhere in the body, not just the joints.   Old injuries can continue to be inflamed, have low level infection and cause chronic pain.   Surgery can cause scar tissue, which pulls on soft tissue within the body, again creating inflammation, and subsequently pain.  This needs to be addressed, and we have the solution.

Do you have health concerns?  We provide evaluations through the EMS system, simply using your saliva sample.   We look at approximately 1,000 different issues in the body, and can give you a 3-4 page readout through the EMS testing system.

Emotional clearing is a key factor in relieving health issues.  We highly recommend an emotional clearing before starting on any detox/health protocol.

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When the body is relieved of toxins, it heals itself.  The path to healing in the body is through the waters of the body.  Find out about water and human health and why you should not drink distilled water.   Why not create Perfect Waters in the body?
We carry the best in anti-aging products, natural supplements and energetic devices. Toxins are a daily challenge to our lives.  In order for the body to heal itself, the toxins must be removed or neutralized.  Our air, our water, our food, even our clothing, are all toxic.  You want to know how do you detox your body and what is the water detox diet.   What is the best ionized water?  Find out about healthy water.  Perfect Waters is a healthy water formula.  We will show you what is the best way to detox your body and how to completely detox your body and how to detox your body at home.  Let us show you how to detox your body at home.  Our product line also includes the Hydrogen Rich Mineral Stick, the Aqua-Chi Machine, Photonic Energetics Light Therapy, BioGenesis Tools, Novaurora Organic Skin Care and more! Remote healing services, scalar healing, scalar energy, 30 day healing program.  Energy healing, emotional release. Our services include Emotional De-Fusion Therapy, Emotion Code Release Therapy, SRC, Reiki and BioGenesis Sessions, which can be performed remotely or over the telephone.
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