6 Month Detox Program

Get 6 Months of Detoxing from Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Mold, Pharmaceuticals and More.

No matter what else you are doing for your health, if you do not remove the toxins, your body will not heal. Perfect Waters has been helping people detox for about 12 years now, and we have seen great success.

The body will take over and begin the healing process once the contaminants are removed.

In this six month program, we will do a baseline saliva test, and then every 30 days we will test again on the imbalances found in the baseline. At the 3 month mark, we will do a full test to see if any additional imbalances have surfaced.

Along with this, you will receive our Perfect Waters/Perfect Science Ayterion Agua health formulas. A formula will be chosen specifically for you based upon your baseline and subsequent tests.

Each month a new bottle of our formula will be shipped to you. This is a unique opportunity, and a chance for you to see substantial progress in your health protocol.

Our formulas will work with any other supplements you are taking. We only ask that you increase your water intake to allow the encapsulated toxins to be flushed out.

You will save at least $400 by subscribing to this program.


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6 Month Detox Program with Testing
6 Month Detox Program with Testing
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